29 October 2018

Humboldt Colloquium on the future of German-Argentinian scientific cooperation

“Shaping the Future of German-Argentinian Scientific Cooperation – The Role of Curiosity-Driven Research” was the topic of a Humboldt Colloquium held in Buenos Aires from 25 to 27 October. The conference was attended by around 270 participants from all regions of Argentina, by fellows, award winners and alumni of the Humboldt Foundation, junior researchers, and guests from research institutions and research funding organisations.

The colloquium was organised in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service, the German Research Foundation, the Max Planck Society and the Argentinian research council CONICET.

Promoting interdisciplinary networks

Numerous researchers presented their current work to a broad academic audience at the conference, providing and receiving stimuli for specialist and interdisciplinary networking. Humboldt alumni from Argentina reported on their experiences in Germany and debated with young researchers. Questions on the particular opportunities offered by German-Argentinian and German-Uruguayan research cooperations were also discussed.

Funding junior researchers

The Humboldt Foundation regularly holds colloquia abroad where alumni from the country or region in question can meet and interact with each other and with German colleagues from their disciplines. The colloquia are also intended to draw junior researchers’ attention to the funding opportunities offered by the Humboldt Foundation and interest them in Germany as a location for research.


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