German Chancellor Fellowship

Information for hosts/mentors

Anyone working at a public or private institution in Germany (companies, associations, administrations, NGOs etc.) may be a host or mentor. The host's/mentor's task is to ensure that the fellow receives professional support during his or her stay in Germany. The host's/mentor's role will vary depending on the nature of the project and the fellow's needs.

If a fellowship is granted, the Humboldt Foundation will pay the host institution an allowance for research costs amounting to €500 per month.

Agreement must be reached between you and the applicant in advance on the project proposal which should be developed independently by the applicant.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation requests that you submit a statement, which is very important both for the evaluation procedure and for the Selection Committee.

The applicant should provide you with the documents and information you need to prepare your statement (letter of motivation, project plan, curriculum vitae). Once you have checked the documents, please prepare a statement using the list of questions for the host’s statement and upload it to the application along with the signed confirmation of support in a secure area. Your statement will be treated confidentially by the Humboldt Foundation and by the Selection Committee.

The Humboldt Foundation can only initiate the selection procedure once your statement has been received. We therefore recommend that you upload the documents as soon as possible to the application after having been informed by the applicant and before the closing date (15 September).

If for compelling reasons it is not possible for you to upload the statement and the confirmation of support by the application deadline (15 September), you can send the documents promptly by email to the Humboldt Foundation (info(at)

If we should not receive the documents in a timely manner, we reserve the right to formally reject the application.


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