Europe Research Stay

During the sponsorship period, research fellows may spend time at research institutions in other European countries (with the exception of their own country) if it is necessary for carrying out the research project.

As a rule, the total duration of the Europe Research Stay may not account for more than 25 per cent of the estimated sponsorship period.

If the research stay is divided up into three blocks (experienced researchers), the duration of the Europe Research Stay may not exceed half the respective sponsorship period.

In the event of a research stay in the fellow’s own country, the research fellowship must be temporarily interrupted.

Applications for a Europe Research Stay must be made in writing. They receive additional financial support.

Online application

Europe research stays are possible in the following countries:

Albania Great Britain Netherlands
Andorra Greece Norway
Armenia Hungary Poland
Austria Iceland Portugal
Azerbaijan Ireland Romania
Belarus Israel Russian Federation
Belgium Italy San Marino
Bosnia and Herzegovina Kosovo Serbia
Bulgaria Latvia Slovakia
Croatia Liechtenstein Slovenia
Cyprus Lithuania Spain
Czech Republic Luxembourg Sweden
Denmark Macedonia Switzerland
Estonia Malta Turkey
Finland Moldavia Ukraine
France Monaco Vatican City
Georgia Montenegro  


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