Newsletter 1/2012

Special initiative for Egypt and Tunisia launched

Call for applications for research fellowships from special funding open until 15 March.

Scientists and scholars from Egypt and Tunisia who have not been sponsored by the Humboldt Foundation are eligible to apply for one of a possible ten special research fellowships until 15 March. The sponsorship decision will be made at special selection meetings held in the two countries.

Selection and sponsorship are essentially based on the regulations governing the Humboldt Research Fellowship Programme for Postdoctoral and Experienced Researchers. A novel feature of this programme is that postdoctoral researchers who do not yet have a binding hosting agreement with an academic host in Germany are able to apply nevertheless. In this case, they would initially be granted a fellowship for six months which could be extended until the end of the special programme after a successful familiarisation phase.

The fellowships are part of the special initiative for Egypt and Tunisia through which the Humboldt Foundation is looking to recruit additional excellent researchers for its network. A research stay in Germany should allow them to extend their international networking.

For academics from these two countries, who are already part of the Humboldt Network, the Foundation offers special sponsorship opportunities in the context of existing alumni programmes. Applications for research group linkages between institutes in Egypt/Tunisia and German institutes may be submitted until June 2012.

Additional funding from the Federal Foreign Office is scheduled to support the programme until the end of 2013.

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