Newsletter 2/2010

Foundation partners the Alumniportal Deutschland

The Humboldt Foundation supports electronic networking amongst its alumni and is adding its weight to the Alumniportal Deutschland as a collaborative partner.

Alumniportal Deutschland
Alumniportal Deutschland

The Alumniportal Deutschland is a social network run by six organisations involved in international cooperation and financed by the German federal government. Apart from the existing "Humboldt Network online" on the Foundation’s website, the Alumniportal Deutschland offers Humboldtians an additional personal and professional networking opportunity: here they can contact other Humboldtians as well as other organisations’ Germany alumni, which means users from all over the world who have studied or completed further training in Germany.

A portfolio of offers revolving around continuing education, jobs and careers, German language skills and a global calendar of events should make the portal a must for many Germany alumni. Companies, organisations, universities, foundations and continuing education institutes are also eligible to register.

By becoming a collaborative partner in December 2009, the Humboldt Foundation has added its weight to the portal in the area of science and research. The integration of the platform for international research mobility, in particular, makes the Alumniportal particularly attractive to Humboldtians.