Newsletter 4/2010

New selection round for International Climate Protection Fellowships

The International Climate Protection Fellowship Programme for Prospective Leaders from Emerging and Developing Countries is entering the second round. Applications may be submitted immediately. The closing date is 15 December 2010. The fellows will start their fellowship in September 2011.


Each year, up to twenty International Climate Protection Fellowships are awarded to prospective leaders from emerging or developing countries who are working on questions of climate protection and resource conservation in academia, business, government or nongovernmental organisations. They come to Germany for a year to conduct a project dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, methods and techniques together with a host. This encourages the creation of a network in which German and foreign experts collaborate on a sustainable, international basis to combat climate change and its global consequences. The fellowships are funded under the Federal Environment Ministry’s (BMU) International Climate Protection Initiative.

In the first selection round, the Foundation was able to grant 15 fellowships to potential leaders which will begin on 1 September 2010. The five women and ten men come from China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Peru und the Philippines. The disciplines they represent range from biotechnology and forestry protection to public law and political economics.