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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

I. Publikationen von Humboldt-Stipendiaten aus dem Ausland in 2019

Psychologie, Pädagogik

Ito, Dr. Aine

Fachgebiet: Language psychology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Pia Knoeferle Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Aine Ito: Prediction of orthographic information during listening comprehension: A printed-word visual world study. In: Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. 2019, [language prediction; listening comprehension; orthographic processing; visual world paradigm; visual context].

Ssenyonga, Dr. Joseph

Mbarara University of Science und Technology, Uganda
Fachgebiet: Clinical psychology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Thomas Elbert Universität Konstanz
  • Joseph Ssenyonga, Katharin Hermenau, Mabula Nkuba, and Tobias Hecker: Stress and positive attitudes towards violent discipline are associated with school violence by Ugandan teachers. In: Child Abuse & Neglect . 93, 2019, p. 15 - 26 [Violent discipline, Stress, Positive attitudes towards violence, School violence, Teacher].

  • Joseph Ssenyonga, Charles Magoba Muwonge, & Tobias Hecker: Prevalence of family violence and mental health and their relation to peer victimization: A representative study of adolescent students in Southwestern Uganda. In: Child Abuse & Neglect . 98, 2019, p. 104194 [Family violence, Mental health, Peer victimization, Adolescents, Students].