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Publications in 2012

Civil engineering

Aksoy, Prof. Dr. Hafzullah

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Field of research: Hydraulic engineering, water engineering
Host: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Wittenberg Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
  • Hafzullah Aksoy, Necati Erdem Unal, Sevket Cokgor, Abdullah Gedikli, Jaeyoung Yoon, Kaan Koca, Sevket Boran Inci, Ebru Eris : A rainfall simulator for laboratory-scale assessment of rainfall-runoff-sediment transport processes over a two-dimensional flume. In: Catena. 98, 2012, p. 63 - 72 [Erosion flume; Nozzle; Raindrop energy; Raindrop size distribution; Rainfall simulator; Rainfall uniformity].

Alver, Prof. Dr. Ninel

Ege University (Aegean University), Turkey
Field of research: Construction materials science
Host: Dr. Herbert Wiggenhauser Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)
  • Ninel Alver, Mehmet Efe Selman, Osman Burak Akgün: The effect of short cantilever beam formation on the structural behavior of precast post-tensioned connections. In: Construction and Building Materials. 35, 2012, p. 232 - 239.

Belkhatir, Prof. Dr. Mostefa

Universite Hassiba Benbouali de Chlef, Algeria
Field of research: Soil and foundation engineering
Host: Dr. Wiebke Baille Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • Mostefa Belkhatir, Ahmed Arab, Noureddine Della and Tom Schanz.: Experimental study of undrained shear strength of silty sand: effect of fines and gradation. In: Geotechnical and geological Engineering. 30, 2012, p. 1103 - 1118 [gradation, fines content, liquefaction resistance, void ratio, pore pressure, ].

Choudhury, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Deepankar

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India
Field of research: Soil and foundation engineering
Host: Prof. Dr. Rolf Katzenbach Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • Ranjan Kumar, Deepankar Choudhury, Kapilesh Bhargava: Response of foundations subjected to blast loadings: State of the art review. In: Disaster Advances. 5, 2012, p. 54 - 63.

  • Jaykumar Shukla, Deepankar Choudhury: Seismic hazard and site-specific ground motion for typical ports of Gujarat. In: Natural Hazards. 60, 2012, p. 541 - 565.

  • Purnanand Savoikar, Deepankar Choudhury: Translational seismic failure analysis of MSW landfills using pseudo-dynamic approach. In: International Journal of Geomechanics, ASCE. 12, 2012, p. 136 - 146.

  • J. Shukla, D. Choudhury: Estimation of seismic ground motions using deterministic approach for major cities of Gujarat. In: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. 12, 2012, p. 2019 - 2037.

  • Syed Mohd Ahmad, Deepankar Choudhury: Seismic internal stability analysis of waterfront reinforced-soil wall using pseudo-static approach. In: Ocean Engineering, Elsevier. 52, 2012, p. 83 - 90.

  • G. S. Kame, D. M. Dewaikar, Deepankar Choudhury: Pullout capacity of vertical plate anchors in cohesion-less soil. In: Geomechanics and Engineering, An International Journal, (ISSN: 2005-307X) Techno Press, Korea. 4(2), 2012, p. 105 - 120.

  • Amey Katdare, Deepankar Choudhury: Effect of Rayleigh wave on seismic active earth pressure behind retaining wall. In: Disaster Advances, (ISSN: 0974-262X), India. 5(4), 2012, p. 1154 - 1159.

  • Debarghya Chakraborty, Deepankar Choudhury: Seismic stability and liquefaction analysis of tailings dam. In: Disaster Advances, (ISSN: 0974-262X) India. 5(3), 2012, p. 15 - 25.

  • V. S. Phanikanth, D. Choudhury: Effect of lateral loads on a single pile. In: Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series A, Civil Architectural, Environmental and Agricultural Engineering (ISSN: 2250-2149), Springer. 93(3), 2012, p. 163 - 173.

  • Sunil M. Rangari, Deepankar Choudhury, D. M. Dewaikar: Effects of pullout direction and anchor inclination on computation of pseudo-static uplift capacity for strip anchors in sand. In: Disaster Advances, (ISSN: 0974-262X) India. 5(4), 2012, p. 9 - 16.

Ganguli, Dr. Poulomi

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India
Field of research: Hydraulic engineering, water engineering
Host: Prof. Dr. Bruno Merz Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • Ganguli, P., Reddy, M.J. : Risk assessment of droughts in Gujarat using bivariate copulas. In: Water Resources Management. . 26(11), 2012, p. 3301 - 3327 [droughts, frequency analysis, return period].

  • Reddy, M.J., Ganguli, P.: Bivariate flood frequency analysis of Upper Godavari River flows using Archimedean copulas. In: Water Resources Management. 26(14), 2012, p. 3995 - 4018 [copulas, return period, frequency analysis].

  • Reddy, M.J., Ganguli, P.: Application of copulas for derivation of drought Severity-Duration-Frequency curves. In: Hydrological Processes.. 26(11), 2012, p. 1672 - 1685 [severity-duration-frequency curves, risk curves].

  • Reddy, M.J., Ganguli, P.: Risk assessment of hydro-climatic variabiliy on groundwater levels in the Manjara Basin aquifer in India using Archimedean copulas. In: ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. . 17(12), 2012, p. 1345 - 1357 [groundwater fluctuation, hydroclimatic variability, ENSO].

Nam Thanh Pham, Dr.

Institute of Mechanics, Vietnam
Field of research: Hydraulic engineering, water engineering
Host: Dr. Joanna Staneva Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
  • Pham Thanh Nam, Hocine Oumeraci, Magnus Larson, Hans Hanson: Employing a high-order scheme for solving the sediment volume conservation equation. In: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Estuaries and Coasts. Hanoi, Vietnam, 2012, [morphodynamics, sediment transport, random waves, wave-induced currents, numerical schemes].

Tulu, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Taffa

Field of research: Hydraulic engineering, water engineering
Host: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Eckstädt Universität Rostock
  • Gelaneh Woldemichael, Taffa Tulu & Gerd-Uwe Flechsig: Solar UV-assisted sample preparation of river water for ultra-trace determination of uranium by adsorptive stripping voltammetry . In: Microchim Acta. 17902, 2012, p. 99 - 104 [uranium, river water, adsorptive stripping voltammetry (AdSV), chloranilic acid, UV digestion, pseudopolarography].

Wibowo, Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas

Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia
Field of research: Construction site management
Host: Prof. Dr. Matthias Sundermeier Technische Universität Berlin
  • A. Wibowo, A. Permana, B. Kochendoerfer, R.T.L. Kiong, D. Jacob, D, Neunzehn: Modeling Contingent Liabilities arising from Government Guarantees in Indonesian BOT/PPP Toll Roads. In: ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management. 138, 2012, p. 1403 - 1410 [toll road, guarantee, contingent liability, risk, simulation, Indonesia].

  • J.S. Santoso, T.B. Joewono, W. Santosa, A. Wibowo : Public-Private-Partnerships of Tollway Construction and Operation: Risk Assessment and Allocation from the Perspective of Investors. In: Journal of Construction in Developing Countries. 17, 2012, p. 41 - 62 [developing countries, risk, assessment, infrastructure, cooperation, Indonesia].

Zeleke, Dr. Ketema Tilahun

Charles Sturt University, Australia
Field of research: Hydraulic engineering, water engineering
Host: Dr. Claas Nendel Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung (ZALF) e. V.
  • Ketema Tilahun Zeleke, R Mailer, P Eberbach, J Wunsche: Oil content and fruit quality of nine olive (Olea europaea L.) varieties affected by irrigation and harvest times. In: New Zealand Journal of Cropand Horticultural Science. 40, 2012, p. 241 - 252 [Australia; harvest time; oil content; olive; regulated deficit irrigation].

  • Ketema Tilahun Zeleke, Leonard John Wade: Evapotranspiration Estimation Using Soil Water Balance, Weather and Crop Data. In: Evapotranspiration – Remote Sensing and Modeling. (Ed. Ayse Irmak) Rijeka, Croatia: Intech International, 2012, p. 41 - 58 [Australia, Canola, Evapotranspiration, Crop coefficient, Crop cover].

Zhu, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wancheng

Northeastern University, People's Republic of China
Field of research: Soil and rock mechanics
Host: Prof. Dr. Otto Bruhns Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • Zhu, W.C.*, Ling, L., Tang, C.A., Kang, Y.M., Xie, L.M.: The 3D-numerical simulation on failure process of concrete-filled tubular (CFT) stub columns under uniaxial compression. In: Computers and Concrete. 9, 2012, p. 257 - 273.

  • Zhu, W.C.*, Bai, Y., Li, X.B., Niu, L.L.: Numerical simulation on rock failure under combined static and dynamic loading during SHPB tests. In: International Journal of Impact Engineering. 49, 2012, p. 142 - 157.