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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

I. Publications by Humboldt Research Fellows from abroad in 2018

Earth sciences

Abdel-Hamid, Ayman

Field of research: Physical geography
Host: Dr. Harald Kehl Technische Universität Berlin
  • Ayman Abdel-Hamid, Olena Dubovyk, Islam Abou El-Magd, Gunter Menz: Mapping mangroves extents on the Red Sea coastline in Egypt using polarimetric SAR and high resolution optical remote sensing data. In: Journal of Sustainability. 10, 2018, p. 646 [Mangroves mapping, Polarimetric SAR, ALOS PALSAR, RapidEye, OBIA, Red Sea].

Amson, Dr. Eli

Museum für Naturkunde - Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung (MfN), Germany
Field of research: Palaeozoology
Host: Prof. Dr. John Nyakatura Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Maya Mielke, Jan Wölfer, Anneke H. van Heteren, Eli Amson, John A. Nyakatura: Trabecular architecture in the sciuromorph femoral head: allometry and functional adaptation. In: Zoological Letters. 2018.

  • Kristof Veitschegger, Christian Kolb, Eli Amson, Marcelo R. Sánchez-Villagra: Longevity and life history of cave bears – a review and novel data from tooth cementum and relative emergence of permanent dentition. In: Historical Biology. 2018.

  • Eli Amson, Guillaume Billet, Christian de Muizon: 3D models related to the publication: Evolutionary adaptation to aquatic lifestyle in extinct sloths can lead to systemic alteration of bone structure. In: MorphoMuseuM. 4, 2018, p. e64.

Arciniega Ceballos, Dr. M. Alejandra

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Field of research: Seismology
Host: Prof. Dr. Donald Bruce Dingwell Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • R Matoza, A Arciniega-Ceballos, R Sanderson, G Mendo-Pérez E, A Rosado-Fuentes E, B Chouet (2019).: High broadband seismo-acoustic signature of Vulcanian explosions at Popocatépetl volcano, Mexico. . In: Geophysical Research Letters 2018. ISSN: 0094-8276 . 2018, [Popocatepetl, infrasound, seismic signals].

  • M Alatorre-Ibargüengoitia, A Arciniega-Ceballos, C Linares López, D.B. Dingwell and H. Delgado-Granados : Dynamics of explosive eruptions at Popocatépetl volcano: insights from rapid decompression experiments. In: GEOFÍSICA INTERNACIONAL. 2018, [experimental volcanology, balistics, fragmentation, seismic signals].

Awange, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joseph

Curtin University, Australia
Field of research: Mathematical geodesy
Host: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Heck Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
  • Joseph Awange: GNSS Environmental Sensing Revolutionizing Environmental Monitoring. Springer International Publishing AG: Springer International Publishing, 2018, 452 pp. [GNSS; Environmental Sciences; Remote Sensing].

Chandrajith, Prof. Dr. Rohana R. L.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Field of research: Geochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Johannes Barth Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Bandara UGC, Diyabalanage S, Hanke C, van Geldern R, Barth JAC, Chandrajith R : Arsenic-rich shallow groundwater in sandy aquifer systems buffered by rising carbonate waters: A geochemical case study from Mannar Island, Sri Lanka. In: Science of the Total Environment . 633, 2018, p. 1352 - 1359 [Sandy aquifers; arsenic in groundwater; dissolve inorganic carbon (DIC); dissolved organic carbon (DOC); water isotopes].

Dekov, Prof. Dr. Vesselin Mitev

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Germany
Field of research: Geology of oceans
Host: Prof. Dr. Andrea Koschinsky-Fritsche Jacobs University Bremen gGmbH
  • Vesselin Mitev Dekov, Dieter Garbe-Schönberg, George Dimitrov Kamenov, Bleuenn Guéguen, Germain Bayon, Luca Bindi, Dan Asael, Yves Fouquet: Redox changes in a seafloor hydrothermal system recorded in hematite-chalcopyrite chimneys. In: Chemical Geology. 483, 2018, p. 351 - 371 [Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Marine Geology, Economic Geology].

Desojo, Dr. Julia B.

Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina
Field of research: Palaeozoology
Host: Prof. Dr. Oliver W. M. Rauhut Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Brust, A.C.B., Desojo, J.B., Schultz, C.L., Paes Neto, V.D. y Da-Rosa, A.A.S: Osteology of the first skull of Aetosauroides scagliai Casamiquela 1960 (Archosauria: Aetosauria) from the Upper Triassic of southern Brazil (Hyperodapedon Assemblage Zone) and its phylogenetic importance. In: Plos One. pone.0201450. 13, 2018, [Palaeontology Anatomy Systematic Phylogeny].

  • von Baczko, M.B., Taborda, J.R.A. y Desojo, J.B. : Paleoneuroanatomy of the aetosaur Neoaetosauroides engaeus (Archosauria: Pseudosuchia) and its paleobiological implications among archosauriforms. In: Peerj. DOI 10.7717/peerj.5456. 2018, [Palaeontology Paleoneurology Archosauria].

  • Pérez-Lozine, V.S., Vera. E.I.,Fiorelli, L.N. y Desojo, J.B.: Palaeobotany and palynology of coprolites from the late Triassic Chañares Formation of Argentina: implications for vegetation provinces and the diet of dicynodonts. In: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 502, 2018, p. 31 - 51 [Paleontology, Palaeobotany Palynology].

  • Cerda, I.A., Desojo, J.B. y Scheyer, T. : Novel data on aetosaur (Archosauria, Pseudosuchia) osteoderm micronanatomy and histology: Palaeobiological implications. In: Palaeontology 61, 2018, p. 721 - 745 [Palaeontology Palaeohistology Microanatomy].

Ferrero, Dr. Silvio

Universita degli Studi di Padova, Italy
Field of research: Petrology
Host: Prof. Dr. Patrick O'Brien Universität Potsdam
  • Silvio Ferrero, Gaston Godard, Rosaria Palmeri, Bernd Wunder, Bernardo Cesare: Partial melting of ultramafic granulites from Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: Constraints from melt inclusions and thermodynamic modeling. In: American Mineralogist. 103, 2018, p. 610 - 622 [Nanogranitoids, partial melting, thermodynamic modeling, Antarctica, ultramafic granulites, kumdykolite, kokchetavite].

  • Silvio Ferrero, Ross J. Angel: Micropetrology: Are Inclusions Grains of Truth?. In: Journal of Petrology. 2018, p. 1 - 30 [inclusions; nanogranitoids; polymorphs; elastic geobarometry].

  • Silvio Ferrero, Patrick J. O’Brien, Alessia Borghini, Bernd Wunder, Markus Wälle, Christina Günter & Martin A. Ziemann : A treasure chest full of nanogranitoids: an archive to investigate crustal melting in the Bohemian Massif. In: Metamorphic Geology: Microscale to Mountain Belts. (Ed. Silvio Ferrero, Pierre Lanari, Philippe Goncalves, Eugene Grosch ) London,: Geological Society, 2018.

Herrera, Dr. Laura Yanina

Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina
Field of research: Palaentology
Host: Prof. Dr. Oliver W. M. Rauhut Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Yanina Herrera, Juan Martín Leardi, and Marta S. Fernández: Braincase and endocranial anatomy of two thalattosuchian crocodylomorphs and their relevance in understanding their adaptations to the marine environment. In: PeerJ. 6, 2018, p. 1 - 41 [Thalattosuchia, Crocodylomorpha, X-ray CT scanning, Metriorhynchidae, Teleosauridae, Braincase, Neuroanatomy, Mesozoic].

Hoke, Dr. Gregory D.

Syracuse University, United States of America
Field of research: Physical geography
Host: Prof. Dr. Manfred R. Strecker Universität Potsdam
  • Schildgen, T. F., & Hoke, G. D.: The Topographic Evolution of the Central Andes. In: Elements. 14, 2018, p. 231 - 236 [Tectonics Stable Isotopes Geomorphology Paleoelevation Cenozoic Andes].

Jasper, Prof. Dr. Andre

Universidade do Vale do Taquari (UNIVATES), Brazil
Field of research: Palaentology
Host: Prof. Dr. Dieter Uhl Forschungsinstitut und Naturkundemuseum Senckenberg der SNG
  • Isa Carla Osterkamp, Daniela Müller de Lara, Thaís Alves Pereira Gonçalves, Marjorie Kauffmann, Eduardo Périco, Simone Stülp, Neli Teresinha Galarce Machado, Dieter Uhl, Andre Jasper: Changes of wood anatomical characters of selected species of Araucaria during artificial charring: implications for palaeontology. In: Acta Botanica Brasilica (ISSN 1677-941X). in press, 2018, [Anatomy, Araucariaceae, Araucaria angustifolia, Araucaria bidwillii, Araucaria columnaris, charcoal, wood].

  • Daniela Müller de Lara, Laís Bresciani, Maurício Hilgemann, Isa Carla Osterkamp, Andre Jasper, Dieter Uhl, Simone Stülp : Proposição de metodologia de termodegradação por meio de fragmentos de lenhos da Araucaria columnaris. In: Periódico Tchê Química (ISSN 2179-0302). 15(29), 2018, p. 106 - 112 [Carbonização, Carvão Vegetal, Paleo (ambientes).].

  • Haytham El Atfy, Philipe Havlik, Pia S. Krüger, Joseline Manfroi, Andre Jasper, Dieter Uhl: Pre-Quaternary wood decay ‘caught in the act’ by fire – examples of plant-microbe-interactions preserved in charcoal from clastic sediments. In: Historical Biology (ISSN 1029-2381). in press, 2018, [Fungi, bacteria, brown rot, white rot, soft rot, charcoal, palaeo-wildfire].

  • Rafael Spiekermann, Dieter Uhl, José Rafael Wanderley Benício, Margot Guerra-Sommer, Andre Jasper: A remarkable mass-assemblage of lycopsid remains from the Rio Bonito Formation, lower Permian of the Paraná Basin, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. In: Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments (ISSN 1867-1594). in press, 2018, [Glossopteris flora, Western Gondwana, lycopsids, Papaléo outcrop].

Jepson, Dr. James Edward

, Germany
Field of research: Palaentology
Host: Dr. Ohl Michael Museum für Naturkunde - Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung (MfN)
  • James E. Jepson, Alexander V. Khramov, Michael Ohl: New Mesomantispinae (Insecta: Neuroptera: Mantispidae) from the Jurassic of Karatau, Kazakhstan. In: Zootaxa. 4402, 2018, p. 563 - 574.

  • James E. Jepson, Alexander V. Khramov, Michael Ohl : A substitute name for a genus of fossil mantispid (Insecta: Neuroptera: Mesomantispinae) from the Jurassic of Kazakhstan. In: Zootaxa. 4455, 2018, p. 400 - 400.

Johnson, Dr. Andrew Laurence Aldersey

University of Derby, United Kingdom
Field of research: Geology
Host: Prof. Dr. Bernd R. Schöne Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • Rebecca Vignols, Annemarie Valentine, Alana Finlayson, Elizabeth Harper, Bernd Schöne, Melanie Leng, Hilary Sloane, Andrew Johnson: Marine climate and hydrography of the Coralline Crag (early Pliocene, UK): isotopic evidence from 16 benthic invertebrate taxa. In: Chemical Geology - 2018, [Oxygen isotope, paleoclimate, Pliocene].

Kahraman, Prof. Dr. Sair

Hacettepe University, Turkey
Field of research: Applied geology
Host: Prof. Dr. Kurosch Thuro Technische Universität München
  • Kahraman, S., Fener, M. Kasling, H. and Thuro, K. : Investigating the effect of strength on the LCPC abrasivity of igneous rocks. In: Geomechanics and Engineering. 15, 2018, p. 805 - 810 [LCPC abrasivity, Igneous rocks, Rock strength].

Kaymaz, Prof. Dr. Zerefsan

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Field of research: Aeronomy, atmospheric physics
Host: Prof. Dr. Vytenis M. Vasyliunas Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung
  • D. Cilden Güler, Z. Kaymaz, and C. Hajiyev: Evaluation of geomagnetic field models using magnetometer measurements for satellite attitude determination system at low earth orbits: Case studies. In: Advances in Space Research. 61, 2018, p. 513 - 529.

  • E. C. Kalafatoğlu Eyiguler, Z. Kaymaz, N. A. Frissell, and J. M. Ruohoniemi: Investigating Upper Atmospheric Joule Heating Using Cross-Combination of Data for Two Moderate Substorm Cases. In: Space Weather. 61, 2018, p. 987 - 1012.

Khoury, Prof. Dr. Hani Nicola

University of Jordan, Jordan
Field of research: Mineralogy
Host: Prof. Dr. Wolf Uwe Reimold Museum für Naturkunde - Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung (MfN)
  • Khoury, H.: Economic potentials of industrial rocks and minerals in the Azraq basin, NE Jordan. In: . Arabian Journal of Geosciences.. 1:72, 2018, [Jordan industrial minerals . Azraq depression . Basalt and pyroclastics . Zeolitic tuff . Diatomaceous earth . Palgorskite . Porcelanite . Chalk].

  • Al-rimawi F., Daana M., Khamis M., Karaman R., Khoury H., Qurie M. : Removal of Selected Pharmaceuticals from Aqueous Solutions Using Natural Jordanian Zeolite. In: Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering. . 11:72, 2018, [Jordanian zeolite · Pharmaceutical removal · Adsorption · Wastewater treatment · Langmuir isotherm].

  • Al-Ajarmeh N and Khoury H. : Apatite-rich pyrometamorphic rocks from Suweileh area, Jordan. In: Arab J Geosci. . 11:520, 2018, [Apatite . Pyrometamorphism . Varicolored marble . Mottled zone . Suweileh, Jordan].

  • Alqudah, M., Khoury, H., Salameh, E., and Joerg Mutterlose, J : A story told by calcareous nannofossils - the timing and course of an Eocene meteorite. In: Arab J Geosci . 11:451, 2018, [Waqf As Suwwan impact . Central Jordan . Calcareous nannofossils . Biostratigraphy . Reworking . Preservation].

Maity, Prof. Dr. Rajib

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India
Field of research: Climatology
Host: Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
  • Rajib Maity: Statistical Methods in Hydrology and Hydroclimatology. Singapore: Springer, 2018, 444 pp. [Hydroclimatology, Climate change,Hydrology, Probability Distributions, Statistical Methods, Climate change, Frequency Analysis, Risk and Uncertainty in Hydroclimatic Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Time Series Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Copula].

  • Subbarao Pichuka and Rajib Maity : Development of a time-varying downscaling model considering non-stationarity using a Bayesian approach. In: International Journal of Climatology. 2018, [Climate change, Downscaling, Non-stationarity, Precipitation, Time-Varying Downscaling Model (TVDM).].

  • Subbarao Pichuka and Rajib Maity : Development of a time-varying downscaling model considering non-stationarity using a Bayesian approach. In: International Journal of Climatology. 2018, [Climate change, Downscaling, Non-stationarity, Precipitation, Time-Varying Downscaling Model (TVDM).].

  • Naren A. and Rajib Maity : Modelling of Local Sea Level Rise and its Future Projection under Climate Change using Regional Information through EOF Analysis. In: Theoretical and Applied Climatology. 2018, [Sea level rise, Climate change, EOF Analysis,].

Nasrulin, Dr. Aydar Bulatovich

Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers, Uzbekistan
Field of research: Physical geography
Host: Prof. Dr. Helmut Lieth Universität Osnabrück
  • Nasrulin Aydar: Experience of Using Methods of Hydroecological Monitoring and Decision Support System for Restoration Ecosystem of the Amudarya River Delta. In: International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering Website: (ISSN 2250-2459, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Journal,. 8, 2018, [GIS ].

Parsapoor, Dr. Anis

National Iranian Copper Industries Co., Iran
Field of research: Mineral deposits, prospecting
Host: Prof. Dr. Gregor Markl Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • B.F. Walter, A. Parsapoor, S. Braunger, M.A.W. Marks,T. Wenzel, M. Martin, G. Markl: Pyrochlore as a monitor for magmatic and hydrothermal processes in carbonatites from the Kaiserstuhl volcanic complex (SW Germany). In: Chemical Geology. 498, 2018, p. 1 - 16 [Carbonatites HFSE Mineralization Ore deposit Kaiserstuhl Magmatic Hydrothermal Pyrochlore REE Exploration Textures].

  • S. Braunger , M. A. W. Marks, B. F. Walter, R. Neubauer, R. Reich,T. Wenzel, A. Parsapoor and G. Markl: The Petrology of the Kaiserstuhl Volcanic Complex, SW Germany: The Importance of Metasomatized and Oxidized Lithospheric Mantle for Carbonatite Generation. In: JOURNAL OF PETROLOGY. 59, 2018, p. 1731 - 1762 [alkaline magmatism; carbonatites; fractional crystallization; Kaiserstuhl; mantle sources; redox conditions].

Ramesh, Prof. Dr. Durbha Sai

Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, India
Field of research: Geophysics
Host: Prof. Dr. Rainer Kind Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • Bagiya, M. S., Sunil, P. S., Sunil, A. S., Ramesh, D. S.: Coseismic contortion and Coupled Nocturnal Ionospheric Perturbations during 2016 Kaikoura, Mw 7.8 New Zealand Earthquake. In: Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics). 123, 2018, p. xx - xx [Kaikoura earthquake, Nocturnal response of Ionopshere to EQ forcings, source geometry image in ionosphere, coseismic perturbations].

  • K. M. Sreejith, P. S. Sunil, Ritesh Agrawal, Ajish P. Saji, A. S. Rajawat and D. S. Ramesh: Audit of stored strain energy and extent of future earthquake rupture in central Himalaya. In: Scientific Reports . 8:16697, 2018, p. DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-35025-y - xx [Himalayas, Strain energy, future rupture].

  • Dhanya Thomas, Mala S. Bagiya, Poikayil Sukumaran Sunil, Lucie Rolland, Anakuzhikkal Sudarsanan Sunil, T. Dylan Mikesell, Srinivas Nayak, Subrahmanyam Mangalampalli and Durbha Sai Ramesh: Revelation of early detection of coseismic ionospheric perturbations in GPS-TEC from realistic modelling approach: Case study. In: Scientific Reports . 8:12105, 2018, p. s41598-018-30476-9 - xx [Earthquakes, TEC, Early Co-seismic detection, 3-D modelling, Tohoku Foreshock signatures].

Seyed-Emami, Prof. Dr. Kazem

University of Tehran, Iran
Field of research: Biostratigraphy
Host: Prof. Dr. Gert Wörheide Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Seyed-Emami K., Raoufian A. & H. Zand -Moghadam : LateBajocian and Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) ammonites from the Dalichai Formation n0rh of Damghan (Alborz, North Iran). In: Neues Jahrbuch Geologie Paläontologie Abhandlungen. 288/2, 2018, p. 183 - 203 [Ammonites, Dalichai Formation, Middle Jurassic, Damghan, Alborz, Iran.].

Thapa, Prof. Dr. Prem B.

Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Field of research: Applied geology
Host: Dr. Stefan Hergarten Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • P. B. Thapa: Analysis of landslides triggered by the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake, Nepal. In: Living Under the Threat of Earthquakes: Short and Long-term Management of Earthquake Risks and Damage Prevention in Nepal. (Ed. J. H. Kruhl, R. Adhikari, U. E. Dorka) Switzerland: Springer Natural Hazards, 2018, p. 45 - 63 [Landslide, Gorkha Earthquake, hazard and risk].

Zoheir, Prof. Dr. Basem Ahmed

Benha University, Germany
Field of research: Mineral deposits, prospecting
Host: Prof. Dr. Astrid Holzheid Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
  • Basem Zoheir Fatma Deshesh Curt Broman Iain Pitcairn Ahmed El-Metwally Shabaan Mashaal: Granitoid-associated gold mineralization in Egypt: a case study from the Atalla mine. In: Mineralium Deposita. 53, 2018, p. 701 - 720 [Atalla gold deposit Granitoid-associated Au Structural control Fluid inclusions Sulfur isotopes ].

  • Basem Zoheir Mark Feigenson Jian-Wei Zi Brent Turrin Fatma Deshesh Ahmed El-Metwally: Ediacaran (~ 600 Ma) orogenic gold in Egypt: age of the Atalla gold mineralization and its geological significance . In: International Geology Review. 2018, [DOI: 10.1080/00206814.2018.1463180 Orogenic gold, Atalla gold deposit, Atalla shear zone, Najd-related structures, monazite U–Pb and white mica Ar–Ar geochronology].

  • Basem Zoheir Ashraf Emam Maher El Amawy Tamer Abu-Alam: Auriferous shear zones in the central Allaqi-Heiani belt: Orogenic gold in post-accretionary structures, SE Egypt. In: Journal of African Earth Sciences. 2018.