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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

Publications in 2020

Social sciences

Banerjee, Prof. Dr. Jyotirmoy

, India
Field of research: Foreign policy and international relations
Host: Prof. Dr. Stephan G. Humer Hochschule Fresenius
  • Jyotirmoy Banerjee: "Bharate Trump: amra ki pelam? Americai ba ki pelo?" ["Trump in India; what we got and what America received"] (Bengali). In: (Bengali): Ananda Bazar Patrika (online), 25 February 2020 (,, "epaper"). 2020, [US President Trump's India visit, Ming dynasty's 15th.century naval thrust, revived Chinese menace in the Indo-Pacific region today, Indo-US arms deal, military helicopters, India as US partner in countering China's expansion.].

Mole, Prof. Dr. Richard C.M.

University College London, United Kingdom
Field of research: Political sociology
Host: Prof. Dr. Klaus Segbers Freie Universität Berlin
  • Richard C.M. Mole : Queer Russian asylum-seekers in Germany: worthy refugees and acceptable forms of harm?. In: Refuge in a Moving World. (Ed. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh) London: UCL Press, 2020, [asylum, queer, Russia, Germany].

Souza, Prof. Dr. Jesse Jose

Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Brazil
Field of research: Sociology
Host: Prof. Dr. Boike Rehbein Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Souza, Jessé : A guerra contra o Brasil (The war agaisnt Brazil), sextante, 2020. São Paulo : Sextante, 2020, 214 pp. [Political sociology, Racism, imperialism. ].

  • Souza, Jessé : A classe média no espelho (Middle classes in the mirror). 2018: Sextante, 2020, 280 pp. [Middle classes, Empirical qualitative Survey, Brazil's Society. ].

Takaes Santos, Inaie

Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Brazil
Field of research: Empirical social research
Host: Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. (IASS)
  • Inaiê Takaes Santos: Confronting governance challenges of the resource nexus through reflexivity: A cross-case comparison of biofuels policies in Germany and Brazil. In: Energy Research & Social Science. 65, 2020, p. 101464 [Nexus approach; Resource nexus; Biofuels; Governance; Reflexivity; Sustainability].