Welcome Centres - 2nd round
(initiative closed)

Where mobile researchers feel welcome


The universities of Bayreuth, Braunschweig and Greifswald win the competition for cosmopolitan universities.
The 2008 Welcome Centres Competition
Brochure "The 2008 Welcome
Centres Competition"

In 2008, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Deutsche Telekom Foundation and the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft announced the Welcome Centres competition for the second time. Once again, they were looking for universities with new and original ideas for making international researchers feel welcome in Germany and allow them to concentrate on their work under the best possible conditions. The winners were the universities of Bayreuth, Braunschweig and Greifswald. The universities of Heidelberg and Cologne received special commendations.

The award ceremony took place on 15 January during the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s New Year’s Reception in Berlin. As well as receiving this honour, the winning universities are each being awarded up to €125,000 in prize money.

The Welcome Centres Programme supports the creation and development of university structures designed to improve the general conditions for internationally mobile researchers and their families in Germany. These include more efficient mentoring and services to make the stay as comfortable as possible for these top-class academics. The aim is to enhance the attractiveness and internationalisation of Germany as a destination for research by optimising the so-called “soft location factors.” Welcome Centres are thus an important building block in internationalisation strategies and are developing into an effective marketing tool for universities in the contest for the best brains.


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