Prof. Andrew W. Erskine


Academic positionFull Professor
Research fieldsAncient History
KeywordsEthnicity, Greeks, Hellenistic, Polybius, Troy

Current contact address

CountryUnited Kingdom
InstitutionUniversity of Edinburgh
InstituteSchool of History and Classics

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Hatto H. SchmittAbteilung für Alte Geschichte, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, München
Start of initial sponsorship01/09/1997


1996Humboldt Research Fellowship Programme

Publications (partial selection)

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2001Andrew W. Erskine: 'Trojans in Athenian Society: Public Rhetoric and Private Life.' . In: D. Papenfuß und V.M. Strocka, Gab es das griechische Wunder? Griechenland zwischen dem Ende des 6. und der Mitte des 5. Jhds. v. Chr.. Philipp von Zabern, 2001. 113-125
2001Andrew W. Erskine: Troy between Greece and Rome: Local Tradition and Imperial Power. Oxford University Press, 2001
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1998Andrew W. Erskine: Trojan Horseplay in Rome. In: Dialogos: Hellenic Studies Review, 1998, 131-138