Prof. Dr. Michael Esfeld


Academic positionFull Professor
Research fieldsTheoretical Philosophy
Keywordsdispositions, laws of nature, metaphysics of science, philosophy of nature, philosophy of physics

Current contact address

InstitutionUniversite de Lausanne
InstituteFaculté des lettres, section de philosophie

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Stephan HartmannMunich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, München
Start of initial sponsorship01/10/2014


2013Humboldt Research Award Programme

Nominator's project description

Professor Michael Esfeld from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland Professor Esfeld is a world-leading philosopher of science who has made influential contributions to the metaphysics of science and the metaphysics of physics, which are currently amongst the most active research areas in the philosophy of science. His work is characterized by the development of a methodology for metaphysics that seeks to reanimate natural philosophy (Naturphilosophie) in the sense of a research method that involves physics and metaphysics in a seamless manner without giving priority to one over the other. During his stay in Germany, he intends to examine a number of case studies from physics that illustrate how the central positions in the metaphysics of properties and laws shape the options that are open in the interpretation of physical theories and how these interpretations have in turn repercussions on the further elaboration of these metaphysical positions. Professor Esfeld is hosted by Professor Stephan Hartmann at LMU Munich.

Publications (partial selection)

2018Michael Esfeld, Dirk-André Deckert: Routledge Studies in the Philosophy of Mathematics and Physics - A Minimalist Ontology of the Natural World. Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
2014Antonio Vassallo Michael Esfeld: A Proposal for a Bohmian Ontology of Quantum Gravity. In: Foundations of Physics, 2014, 1-18
2014Michael Esfeld: Mentale Verursachung und dispositionaler Realismus. In: Anne Sophie Spann Daniel Wehinger Vermögen und Handlung. Der dispositionale Realismus und unser Selbstverständnis als Handelnde. Mentis, 2014. 113-132
2014Matthias Egg Michael Esfeld: Non-local common cause explanations for EPR. In: European Journal for Philosophy of Science , 2014, 181-196
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2014Michael Esfeld: Quantum Humeanism, or: physicalism without properties. In: The Philosophical Quarterly , 2014, 453-470
2014Michael Esfeld Nicolas Gisin: The GRW flash theory: a relativistic quantum ontology of matter in space-time?. In: Philosophy of Science , 2014, 248-264
2014Michael Esfeld: The primitive ontology of quantum physics: guidelines for an assessment of the proposals. In: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics , 2014, 99-106