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Prof. Dr. Rajapaksha Liyanarachchige Rohana Chandrajith


Academic positionFull Professor
Research fieldsGeology,Geochemistry (Inorganic, Organic, Biological)
KeywordsHealth, Water, Geology, isotope hydrology, groundwater geochemistry
Honours and awards

2018: Committee of Vice-chancellors and Directors (CVCD) Excellence award -Most outstanding Senior Researcher in Sri Lanka in the field of Physical Sciences (life time award) (the highest award can be obtained by a academics in Sri Lanka)

2018: National Awards for Science & Technology Achievements for Excellence in international collaboration for advancement of S&T (National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka)

2016: Ananda Coomaraswamy Medal from the Geological Society of Sri Lanka (awarded considering the contributions to the advancement of geology of Sri Lanka)

Current contact address

CountrySri Lanka
InstitutionUniversity of Peradeniya
InstituteDepartment of Geology

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Heinz-Jürgen TobschallLehrstuhl für Angewandte Geologie, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen
Prof. Dr. Johannes BarthGeoZentrum Nordbayern, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen
Start of initial sponsorship01/10/2006


2005Georg Forster Research Fellowship Programme
2021Georg Forster Research Award Programme

Publications (partial selection)

2020K. Jayathunga, S. Diyabalanage, A.H. Frank, R. Chandrajith, J.A.C. Barth: Influences of seawater intrusion and anthropogenic activities on a coastal aquifer system in Sri Lanka: evidence from hydrogeochemical and stable isotope data. In: Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2020, 23002-23014
2019S. Balasooriya, H. Munasinghe, A.T. Herath, S. Diyabalanage, O.A. Ileperuma, H. Manthrithilake, C. Daniel, K. Amann, C. Zwiener, J.A.C. Barth, R. Chandrajith: Possible links between groundwater geochemistry and chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu): an investigation from the Ginnoruwa region in Sri Lanka. In: Exposure and Health , 2019,
2018Bandara UGC, Diyabalanage S, Hanke C, van Geldern R, Barth JAC, Chandrajith R Arsenic-rich shallow groundwater in sandy aquifer systems buffered by rising carbonate waters: A geochemical case study from Mannar Island, Sri Lanka. In: Science of the Total Environment , 2018, 1352-1359
2013Chandrajith R, Barth JAC, Subasinghe ND, Merten D, Dissanayake CB Geochemical and isotopic characteristics of geothermal spring waters in Precambrian metamorphic terrain of Sri Lanka- Evidences for a steeper geothermal gradient. In: Journal of Hydrology , 2013, 360-369
2009Chandrajith R, Koralegedara N, Ranawana KB, Tobschall HJ, Dissanayake CB Major and trace elements in plants and soils in Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka: an approach to explain forest die back.. In: Environmental Geology, 2009, 17-28
2009Rohana Chandrajith, Kudavidanage E, Tobschall HJ, Dissanayake CB Geochemical and mineralogical characteristics of elephant geophagic soils in Udawalawe National Park Sri Lanka. . In: Environmental Geochemistry and Health , 2009, 391-400
2009Dissanayake CB, Rohana Chandrajith: Introduction to Medical Geology-focus on tropical environment. Springer, 2009
2008Rohana R. L. Chandrajith Mahatantila K, Jayasena HAH, Tobschall HJ Geochemical characteristics of sediments from a reservoir (tank) ecosystem in Sri Lanka. . In: Paddy and Water Environment , 2008, 363-371
2008H.A.H. Jayasena, R. Chandrajith, C.B. Dissanayake: Hydrochemistry in the groundwater flow system of a crystalline terrain: a study from Kurunegala district Sri Lanka. In: Environmental Geology, 2008, 723-730
2008K, Mahatantila, R. Chandrajith, H.A.H. Jayasena, K.B. Ranawana Spatial and temporal changes of hydrogeochemistry in ancient Tank Cascade Irrigation Systems (TCIS) in Sri Lanka: Evidence for a constructed wetland.. In: Water and Environment Journal , 2008, 17-24
2008Jayasena HAH, Rohana R. L. Chandrajith, Dissanayake CB: Spatial variation of stable isotope composition in precipitation in a tropical environment- a study from the Deduru Oya river basin Sri Lanka.. In: Hydrological Processes, 2008, 4565-4570
2007Rohana Chandrajith, U. Abeyapala, C.B. Dissanayake and H.J.Tobschall Fluoride in Ceylon tea and its implication to dental health. In: Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 2007, 429-434