Dr. Dolores Catalina Carrer


Academic positionAssociate Professor, Senior Lecturer, Reader
Research fieldsBiophysics,Pharmacy
Keywordssurface modification, lipids, drug delivery, Leishmaniasis, Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Honours and awards

2021: Promotion to III Category Researcher (Lab Head), INIMEC.

2020: Special Programme Res. Training Tropical Diseases (TDR), World Health Organization. Clinical and Research Development Fellowship. FIOCRUZ, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

2017: Special Mention to poster presented in Nanomercosur 2017, FAN (National Foundation of Nanotechnology). Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013: Fulbright Fellowship, research stay at A&M University, Texas, USA, “Human skin architecture as revealed by two-photon microscopy”. 12/2013-3/2014

2008: Cover image and editorial comment, Journal of Controlled Release, 2008

2007: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany, 2007-2009

Current contact address

InstitutionInstituto de Investigacion Medica Mercedes y Martin Ferreyra (INIMEC-CONICET)

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Petra SchwilleBiotechnologisches Zentrum, Institut für Biophysik, Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden
Start of initial sponsorship01/02/2007


2006Humboldt Research Fellowship Programme

Publications (partial selection)

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2018Ma. Florencia Peralta, Hanna Smith, Diamond Moody, Stephanie Tristram-Nagle, Dolores C. Carrer Effect of anti-Leishmania drugs on the structural and elastic properties of ultra-deformable lipid membranes. In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2018, 7332-7339
2018Ma. Florencia Peralta, Ma. Laura Guzmán, Ana P. Pérez, Gustavo A. Apezteguia, Ma. Lina Fórmica, Eder L. Romero, Ma. Eugenia Olivera, Dolores C. Carrer. Liposomes can both enhance or reduce drugs penetration through the skin. In: Scientific Reports, 2018,
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