Prof. Dr. Willem A. L. van Otterlo


Academic positionFull Professor
Research fieldsOrganic Molecular Chemistry
KeywordsAnti-cancer, Natural products, alkaloids, Synthesis, medicinal chemistry

Current contact address

CountrySouth Africa
InstitutionUniversity of Stellenbosch
InstituteDepartment of Chemistry and Polymer Science

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Herbert WaldmannAbteilung Chemische Biologie, Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Physiologie, Dortmund
Start of initial sponsorship01/07/2008


2008Georg Forster Research Fellowship Programme for Experienced Researchers

Publications (partial selection)

2010Sabine Klüter, Jeffrey R. Simard, Haridas B. Rode, Vijay Pawar, Hans C.A. Raaijmakers, Tjeerd A. Barf, Christian Grütter, Matthias Rabiller, Willem A.L. van Otterlo and Daniel Rauh.*: Characterization of irreversible kinase inhibitors by detecting fluorescent changes during covalent bond formation. In: ChemBioChem, 2010, 2557-2566
2010Vijay Pawar, Martin Sos, Haridas B. Rode, Mattheus Rabiller, Stefanie Heynck, Willem A. L. van Otterlo, Roman Thomas, Daniel Rauh.*: Synthesis and biological evaluation of 4-anilinoquinolines as potent inhibitors of EGFR. In: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2010, 2892-2901
2009Steffen Renner, Willem A. L. van Otterlo, Marta Dominguez Seoane, Sabine Möcklinghoff, Bettina Hofmann, Stefan Wetzel, Ansgar Schuffenhauer, Peter Ertl, Tudor I. Oprea, Dieter Steinhilber, Luc Brunsveld, Daniel Rauh, Herbert Waldmann: Bioactivity-guided mapping and navigation of chemical space. In: Nature Chemical Biology, 2009, 585-592
2009Willem A. L. van Otterlo, Charles B. de Koning: Metathesis in the Synthesis of Aromatic Compounds. In: Chemical Reviews, 2009, 3743-3782