Prof. Dr. Gabriel del Rio Guerra


Academic positionAssociate Professor, Senior Lecturer, Reader
Research fieldsBioinformatics and Theoretical Biology,Biochemistry
KeywordsProtein's structure-function relationship, Cell physiology, anastasis, Systems biology, computer simulation
Honours and awards

2021: Founder of DProtein Inc.

2015: Founder of Analitica Predictiva S.A.P.I

2011: Linkage programme from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

2010: Associate professor and tenure at the Institute of cellular physiology, Mexico city, Mexico

2009: Georg Forster fellow at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

2004: Assistant professor at the Institute of cellular physiolgy, Mexico city, Mexico

2001: Staff scientist (Bioinformatics) at the Buck Institute, California USA

1997: Fogarty fellow at the Burnham Institute, San Diego California, USA

Current contact address

CityMexico D.F.
InstitutionUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)
InstituteInstituto de Fisiologia Celular

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Edda KlippInstitut für Biologie, Biophysik, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin
Start of initial sponsorship01/09/2009


2009Georg Forster Research Fellowship Programme for Experienced Researchers

Publications (partial selection)

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2021Morán-Torres, Rafael and Castillo González, David A. and Durán-Pastén, Maria Luisa and Aguilar-Maldonado, Beatriz and Castro-Obregón, Susana and Del Rio, Gabriel: Selective Moonlighting Cell-Penetrating Peptides. In: Pharmaceutics, 13, 2021,
2020Peláez Coyotl, Erika A. and Barrios Palacios, Jacqueline and Muciño, Gabriel and Moreno-Blas, Daniel and Costas, Miguel and Montiel Montes, Teresa and Diener, Christian and Uribe-Carvajal, Salvador and Massieu, Lourdes and Castro-Obregón, Susana and Espinosa, Octavio Ramos and Mata Espinosa, Dulce and Barrios-Payan, Jorge and León Contreras, Juan Carlos and Corzo, Gerardo and Hernández-Pando, Rogelio and Del Rio, Gabriel: Antimicrobial Peptide against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis That Activates Autophagy Is an Effective Treatment for Tuberculosis. In: Pharmaceutics, 12, 2020,
2020Fontove, Fernando and Del Rio, Gabriel: Residue Cluster Classes: A Unified Protein Representation for Efficient Structural and Functional Classification. In: Entropy, 22, 2020,
2018Arellano VJ, Martinell García P, Rodríguez Plaza JG, Lara Ortiz MT, Schreiber G, Volkmer R, Klipp E, Rio GD: An Antimicrobial Peptide Induces FIG1-Dependent Cell Death During Cell Cycle Arrest in Yeast. In: Frontiers in Microbiology, 2018, 1-15
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