Prof. Dr. Diego de Mendoza


Academic positionFull Professor
Research fieldsMetabolism, Biochemistry, and Genetics of Microorganisms,Biochemistry,General Genetics, Functional Genome Research
KeywordsSignal transdurction, Lipid metabolism, Membrane proteins, Regulation

Current contact address

InstitutionUniversidad Nacional de Rosario
InstituteDepartment of Microbiology

Host during sponsorship

Dr. Teymuras KurzchaliaMax-Planck-Institut für molekulare Zellbiologie und Genetik, Dresden
Prof. Dr. Marino ZerialMax-Planck-Institut für molekulare Zellbiologie und Genetik, Dresden
Start of initial sponsorship01/10/2011


2010Humboldt Research Award Programme

Nominator's project description

Professor de Mendoza is a world leader in the field of bacterial lipids. He discovered and dissected the signal transduction pathway controlling membrane lipid homeostasis in bacteria: The first global transcriptional regulator of genes involved in lipid synthesis and also a transmembrane signaling system to adjust membrane lipid fluidity. In Germany, he intends studying metabolism and function of lipids in C. elegans that will help advancing in the elucidation of novel mechanism controlling both, lipid synthesis and signal transduction processes.