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Dr. Muna Ali Abdalla Mohamed


Academic positionLecturer, Assistant Professor, Researcher
Research fieldsNatural Product Chemistry,Analytical Chemistry
KeywordsEndophytes, Anticancer, Antimicrobial, secondary metbolites, Sudan

Current contact address

CityKhartoum North
InstitutionUniversity of Khartoum
InstituteFaculty of Agriculture, Department of Food Science and Technology

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Roderich SüssmuthFachgruppe Organische Chemie, Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin
Start of initial sponsorship01/02/2013


2012Georg Forster Research Fellowship Programme for Postdocs

Publications (partial selection)

2016Cynthia Mudalungu, Christian Richter, Kathrin Wittstein, Muna Ali Abdalla, Josphat C. Matasyoh, Marc Stadler, Roderich D. Süssmuth. Laxitextines A and B, Cyathane-Xylosides from the Tropical Fungus Laxitextum incrustatum. . In: Journal of Natural Products, 2016, 894-8
2016Muna Ali Abdalla Medicinal Significance of Naturally Occurring Cyclotetrapeptides.. In: Journal of Natural Medicines , 2016, 708-720
2016Muna Ali Abdalla Three New Cyclotetrapeptides Isolated from Streptomyces sp. 447.. In: Journal of Natural Products Research, 2016,
2014Dr. Muna Ali Abdalla Mohamed and Dr. Josphat C. Matasyoh: Endophytes as Producers of Peptides: An Overview About the Recently Discovered Peptides from Endophytic Microbes. In: Natural Products and Bioprospecting, 2014, 257-270
2013Dr. Muna Ali Abdalla Mohamed Dr. Saad Sulieman: Food and Nutritional Security of Under-five Children in Rural Sudan Case study: El Fau Area, Eastern Sudan.. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany., 2013