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Dr. Obinna Ikechukwu Ekwunife


Academic positionLecturer, Assistant Professor, Researcher
Research fieldsPublic Health, Health Services Research and Social Medicine,Epidemiology and Medical Biometrics/Statistics
KeywordsNigeria, Preventive medicine, cost-effectiveness analysis, human papilloma virus, Cervial cancer

Current contact address

InstitutionNnamdi Azikiwe University
InstituteFaculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Stefan LhachimiLeibniz-Institut für Präventionsforschung und Epidemiologie - BIPS GmbH, Bremen
Start of initial sponsorship01/01/2015


2014Georg Forster Research Fellowship Programme for Postdocs

Publications (partial selection)

2016Ekwunife OI, O'Mahony JF, Gerber Grote A, Mosch C, Paeck T, Lhachimi SK.: Challenges in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Modelling of HPV Vaccines in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Practice Recommendations. In: PharmacoEconomics, 2016,
2016Umeh Ifeoma Blessing, Nduka Sunday Odunke, Ekwunife Obinna Ikechukwu Mothers’ willingness to pay for HPV vaccines in Anambra state, Nigeria: a cross sectional contingent valuation study. In: Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation, 2016, 1-8
2016Khan Z, Khan S, Christianson L, Rehman S, Ekwunife O, Samkange-Zeeb F.: Smokeless tobacco and oral potentially malignant disorders in South Asia: a systematic review and meta-analysis. In: Nictoine & Tobacco Research, 2016,
2015Obinna Ikechukwu Ekwunife, Andreas Gerber-Grote, Christoph G. Mosch, James F. O'Mahony, Stefan K. Lhachimi: Assessing cost-effectiveness of HPV vaccines with decision analytic models: what are the distinct challenges of low- and middle-income countries? A protocol for a systematic review. In: Systematic Reviews, 2015, 61
2015Hussein Sweiti, Obinna Ekwunife, Thomas Jaschinski, Stefan Lhachimi: Repurposed therapeutic agents targeting the Ebola virus: a protocol for a systematic review. In: Systematic Review, 2015, 171