Dr. Wenhua Zuo


Academic positionPost Doc
Research fieldsElectrochemistry
KeywordsLattice oxygen redox reactions, Sodium layered transition metal oxides, Structural transformations, Sodium ion batteries, Charge-transfer mechanisms

Current contact address

CountryUnited States of America
InstitutionArgonne National Laboratory
InstituteChemical Sciences and Engineering Division

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Stefano PasseriniHelmholtz-Institut Ulm, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Ulm
Start of initial sponsorship01/08/2021


2021Humboldt Research Fellowship Programme for Postdocs

Publications (partial selection)

2022Zuo, Wenhua; Xiao, Zhumei; Zarrabeitia, Maider; Xue, Xilai; Yang, Yong; Passerini, Stefano: Guidelines for Air-Stable Lithium/Sodium Layered Oxide Cathodes. In: ACS Materials Lett. (ACS Materials Letters), 4, 2022, 1074-1086
2022Zuo, Wenhua; Yang, Yong: Synthesis, Structure, Electrochemical Mechanisms, and Atmospheric Stability of Mn-Based Layered Oxide Cathodes for Sodium Ion Batteries. In: Acc. Mater. Res. (Accounts of Materials Research), 3, 2022, 709-720
2021Zuo, Wenhua and Liu, Xiangsi and Qiu, Jimin and Zhang, Dexin and Xiao, Zhumei and Xie, Jisheng and Ren, Fucheng and Wang, Jinming and Li, Yixiao and Ortiz, Gregorio F and others: Engineering Na+-layer spacings to stabilize Mn-based layered cathodes for sodium-ion batteries. In: Nature communications, 12, 2021, 1--11
2021Xiao, Zhumei and Zuo, Wenhua and Liu, Xiangsi and Xie, Jisheng and He, Huajin and Xiang, Yuxuan and Liu, Haodong and Yang, Yong: Insights of the Electrochemical Reversibility of P2-Type Sodium Manganese Oxide Cathodes via Modulation of Transition Metal Vacancies. In: ACS Applied Materials \& Interfaces, 13, 2021, 38305--38314