Prof. Dr. Nu Xu


Academic positionFull Professor
Research fieldsNuclear and Elementary Particle Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Fields
KeywordsPhasendiagramm der QCD, Ultra-relativistische Schwerionenphysik, QCD-Materie

Current contact address

CityFrankfurt am Main
InstitutionGoethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
InstituteInstitut für Kernphysik

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Joachim StrothInstitut für Kernphysik, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main
Start of initial sponsorship01/03/2023


2022Humboldt Research Award Programme

Nominator's project description

Professor Xu is one of the leading and most influential experimental physicists of his generation in the field of ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions. He has been exceptionally productive and ground-breaking throughout his career in science policy and science management. During his stay in Germany, he will focus on the creation of the chemical elements in the cosmos by combining astronomical observations and accelerator-based experiments.