Dr. Hung-Tzu Chang


Academic positionPost Doc
Research fieldsSpectroscopy,Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Keywordsextreme ultraviolet microscopy, carrier dynamics, coherent diffractive imaging, core-level spectroscopy

Current contact address

InstitutionMax-Planck-Institut für Multidisziplinäre Naturwissenschaften

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Claus RopersMax-Planck-Institut für Multidisziplinäre Naturwissenschaften, Göttingen
Start of initial sponsorship01/12/2022


2022Humboldt Research Fellowship Programme for Postdocs

Publications (partial selection)

2023Juwon Oh, Hung-Tzu Chang, Christopher T. Chen, Shaul Aloni, Adam Schwartzberg, and Stephen R. Leone: Carrier and Phonon Dynamics in Multilayer WSe2 Captured by Extreme Ultraviolet Transient Absorption Spectroscopy. In: J. Phys. Chem. C, 127, 2023, 5004