Humboldt Professorships 2009-2024

The Alexander von Humboldt Professorship has now attracted more than 100 top international researchers from abroad to German universities. Each year, up to ten Humboldt Professorships can be awarded to researchers from all disciplines. From 2020 to 2024, up to 30 additional Humboldt Professorships in the field of Artificial Intelligence can be awarded.

Sorted by: alphabetical

Henning Walczak

2019: Biochemistry / Immunology

Porträt von Ingmar Weber

Ingmar Weber

2023: Computational Social Science (Humboldt Professorship for AI)

Michael Weiss

2012: Mathematics

Wolfgang Wernsdorfer

2016: Experimental Solid State Physics

Matthias Wessling

2010: Chemical Process Engineering

Arnim Wiek

Arnim Wiek

2024: Sustainability science

Alec Michael Wodtke

2011: Physical Chemistry

Angela Yu

2022: Computational neuroscience (Humboldt Professorship for AI)

Enrique Zuazua

2019: Applied Mathematics