Future-proofing the Foundation!

At the turn of the year, Hans-Christian Pape’s term in office as President of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, that he assumed in 2018, comes to an end. The Foundation would like to thank the outgoing President for his commitment in turbulent times.

Don’t be afraid of China!

Enno Aufderheide, Secretary General of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, on how the science community should deal with China – an opinion piece in the DIE ZEIT newspaper

Charity alone is not the solution

Sara Fouad, Egyptian professor of architecture, who specialises in waterways regeneration, shares her view on the situation in Egypt and how COP27 could bring much needed change.

A victory for biodiversity in Brazil

Mayra Flores Tavares, International Climate Protection Fellow from Brazil, shares her hopes for the future of the tropical forests following the victory of Lula da Silva in the Brazilian presidential election.

Protests in Iran: Using art to fight the system

Iran is currently experiencing one of the largest waves of protests in decades. We spoke with the Iranian Humboldtian Raika Khorshidian about different forms of protest, communication channels and the cultural scene’s influence in Iran

ComLab#5 winners selected

The best projects from the fifth Communication Lab, “The New Global – cooperation for the future”, were honoured at a virtual award ceremony on 2 September 2022.

Weitere Nachrichten

Digital Advent Concert

Live classical music and year-end reviews with Secretary General Enno Aufderheide: The Humboldt Foundation's Advent concert on 10 December 2020 – this year as a livestream event.

Get to know Japan as a research location

The Humboldt-Gesellschaft Japan supports stays for young researchers from Germany, hosted by academics in Japan. Collaborative partnerships in all disciplines can be funded.

Focus on equal opportunity and diversity

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation will be expanding its involvement in matters pertaining to equity, equality of opportunity, and diversity in the science system.

“Safe haven for a new start”

Strengthening freedom of scientific research: Success stories from five years of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative. An interview with the programme director.

Initial findings from study on "Life with Corona"

How are people around the world dealing with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic? Nearly 12,000 people from more than 130 countries have completed Humboldt Professor Anke Hoeffler's Life with Corona questionnaire.

30 Years of United Research

How did reunification affect research in Germany? How did Humboldt Fellows experience the fall of the Wall? In several videos, members of the worldwide Humboldt network look back at the past and ahead to the future.