Against the flow

Carmen Gloria Feijoo, wants to make the academic world more diverse

Call for participation

International research stays – what interests and wishes do postdocs have?

Weitere Nachrichten

"It was simply phenomenal"

What made scientific policy advice on the pandemic so successful in Uruguay. An interview with Rafael Radi

A toolkit for good science communication

During the summer school “Communicating Science”, 50 junior researchers from 26 countries will work together to elaborate recommendations for action.

The 2021 Annual Meeting – “Best of”

With more than 1,000 participants from nearly 80 countries, this year’s Annual Meeting of the Humboldt Foundation was once again a highlight among the many meetings and encounters in the Humboldt Network.

Why we reach for the *** (stars)

Diversity of perspectives is the precondition for excellence. So, for us, excellence starts with indicating diversity in our language.

Doing research with a family in tow

No one knows yet how the pandemic will impact the careers of young researchers. In this three-part series, we profile Feodor Lynen Research Fellows and show how they are dealing with the challenges facing them.