Dr. Haytham El Atfy

El Atfy, Dr. Haytham

Mansoura University, Germany
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Madelaine Böhme Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • El Atfy, H., Havlik, P., Krüger, P.S., Manfroi, J., Jasper, A. & Uhl, D. : Pre-Quaternary wood decay ‘caught in the act’ by fire – examples of plant-microbe-interactions preserved in charcoal from clastic sediments. In: Historical Biology . 31, 2019, p. 952 - 961.

  • El Beialy, S.Y., Head, M.J., El Atfy, H., El Khoriby, E.M.: Dinoflagellate cyst evidence for the age and palaeoenvironments of the Upper Eocene–Oligocene Dabaa Formation, Qattara Depression, north Western Desert, Egypt. In: Palynology. 43, 2019, p. 268 - 291.

  • El Atfy, H., Ghassal, B., Maher, A., Hosny, A., Mostafa, A., Littke, R. : Palynological and organic geochemical studies of the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous successions, Western Desert, Egypt: Implications for paleoenvironment and hydrocarbon source rock potential. In: International Journal of Coal Geology . 211, 2019, p. 103207.

  • El Atfy, H., Anan, A., Jasper, A. & Uhl, D. : Repeated occurrence of palaeo-wildfires during deposition of the Bahariya Formation (early Cenomanian) of Egypt. In: Journal of Palaeogeography . 8, 2019, p. 28.

  • El Atfy, H., Mostafa, A., Maher, A., Mahfouz, K., Hosny, A. : Early Cretaceous biostratigraphy and palaeoenviornment of the northern Western Desert, Egypt: an integrated palynological and micropalaeontological approach. In: Palaeontographica Abteilung B . 299, 2019, p. 103 - 132.

  • El Atfy, H., Jasper, A. & Uhl, D. : A new record of Paradoxopteris stromeri Hirmer 1927 (Monilophyta, incertae sedis) from the Cenomanian of Sinai, Egypt. In: Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology . 273, 2020.

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