Prof. Dr. Samina Mehnaz

Mehnaz, Prof. Dr. Samina

Forman Christian College, Pakistan
Fachgebiet: Microbiology
Gastgeber: Dr. Andreas Bechthold Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Samina Mehnaz, Harald Gross: Pseudomonas aurantiaca PB-St2, a bio-fungicide and a bio-fertilizer for the future. In: Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) for sustainable agriculture. (Ed. Munagala S.Reddy and Qi Wang ) Beijing, China: China Agricultural Science and Technology Press., 2011, p. 79 - 88 [Secondary metabolites, Phenazines, Cyclic lipopeptide, Sugarcane, Pseudomonas aurantiaca, biofertilizer, biofungicide].

  • Sierra Hartney, Sylvie Mazurier, Maeva Girard, Samina Mehnaz, Edward Davis, Harald Gross, Philippe Lemanceau, Joyce Loper: Ferric-pyoverdine recognition by Fpv outer-membrane proteins of Pseudomonas protegens Pf-5. In: Journal of Bacteriology. 195, 4, 2013, p. 765 - 776 [Microbiology].

  • Samina Mehnaz, Rahman Shah Zaib Saleem, Basit Yameen, Isabelle Pianet, Gregor Schnakenburg, Halina Pietraszkiewicz, Fred Valeriote, Michaele Josten, Hans-Georg Sahl, Scott G. Franzblau, Harald Gross: Lahorenoic acid A-C, the ortho dialkyl substituted aromatic acids from the bio-control strain Pseudomonas aurantiaca PB-St2. In: Journal of Natural Products. 76 (2), 2013, p. 135 - 141 [Pseudomonas aurantiaca, secondary metabolites, phenazines, lahorenoic acids, WLIP].

  • Samina Mehnaz, Judith S. Bauer and Harald Gross : Complete genome sequence of the sugar cane endophyte Pseudomonas aurantiaca PB-St2, a disease-suppressive bacterium with antifungal activity towards the plant pathogen Colletotrichum falcatum. In: Genome Announcement. 2 (1), 2014, p. E01108-13 [Genomics, metabolites, Bacteria, pseudomonas].

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