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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

III. Publikationen von Preisträgern in 2011


Engel, Prof. Dr. Felix

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
Fachgebiet: Cell biology, cytobiology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Thomas Braun Max-Planck-Institut für Herz- und Lungenforschung
  • Ferrazzi F, Engel FB, Wu E, Moseman AP, Kohane IS, Bellazzi R, Ramoni MF. : Inferring cell cycle feedback regulation from gene expression data. In: J Biomed Inform. 44(4), 2011, p. 565 - 575 [Bayesian Network, Cell Cycle,].

  • Patra C, Diehl F, Ferrazzi F, van Amerongen MJ, Novoyatleva T, Schaefer L, Mühlfeld C, Jungblut B, Engel FB.: Nephronectin regulates via BMP4-HAS2 signaling the differentiation of the atrio-ventricular canal in zebrafish. In: Development. 138, 2011, p. 4499 - 4509 [nephronectin, heart development, bmp, has2, atrioventricular canal, zebrafish].

Fischer, Prof. Dr. Jörn

Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Germany
Fachgebiet: Terrestrial ecology and sociobiology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Stefan Schaltegger Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
  • Jörn Fischer, P. Batary, K. S. Bawa, L. Brussaard, M. J. Chappell, Y. Clough, G. C. Daily, J. Dorrough, T. Hartel. L. E. Jackson, A. M. Klein, C. Kremen, T. Kuemmerle, D. B. Lindenmayer, H. A. Mooney, I. Perfecto, S. M. Pilpott, T. Tscharntke, J. Vandermeer, T. C. Wanger, H. von Wehrden: Conservation: Limits of Land Sparing. In: Science. 334, 2011, p. 593 - 593.

Möglich, Prof. Dr. Andreas

Universität Bayreuth, Germany
Fachgebiet: Biophysical chemistry
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Peter Hegemann Universität Bayreuth
  • Peter Hegemann, Andreas Möglich: Channelrhodopsin engineering and exploration of new optogenetic tools. In: Nature Methods. 8, 2011, p. 39 - 42.

Pape, Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany
Fachgebiet: Neurophysiology

  • Hans-Christian Pape, Karl Ebner, Alesja Rjabokon, Nicolas Singewald: Increased in vivo release of neuropeptide S in the amygdala of freely moving rats after local depolarisation and emotional stress. In: Amino Acids. 41, 2011, p. 991 - 996 [Neuropeptide S antibody - Anciety - Depression - Stress-related disorders - Microdialysis - Radioimmunoassay].

Ricklefs, Prof. Dr. Robert Eric

University of Missouri-St. Louis, United States of America
Fachgebiet: Ecology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Martin Wikelski Max-Planck-Institut für Verhaltensbiologie
  • Knud A. jonsson, Pierre-Henri Fabre, Robert Eric Ricklefs, Jon Fjeldsa: Major global radiation of corvoid birds originated in the proto-Papuan archipelago. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 108, 2011, p. 2328 - 2333 [Indo-Pacific, Passeriformes, community assembly, macroecology, range expansion].

  • Hong Qian, Robert Eric Ricklefs: Latitude, tree species diversity and the metabolic theory of ecology. In: Global Ecology and Biogeography. 20, 2011, p. 362 - 365 [Eastern Asia, latitude, metabolic theory of ecology, North America, temperature, tree species richness].

  • Robert Eric Ricklefs: A biogeographical perspective on ecological systems: some personal reflections. In: Journal of Biogeography. 2011, [ 1 doi:10.1111/j.1365-2699.2011.02520.x Age and area, community assembly, host–pathogen coevolution, John C. Willis, phylogenetic effects, phylogeography, range size, taxon cycle, West Indies].

  • Robert Eric Ricklefs: Applying a regional community concept to forest birds of eastern North America. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America . 108, 2011, p. 2300 - 2305 [niche, population distribution, community assembly, macroecology, variance in abundance].