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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

IV. Übersetzungen in 2011

Maschinenbau, Verkehr

Rakov, Dr.-Ing. Dmitry

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
Fachgebiet: Aircraft engineering
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Andreas Bardenhagen Technische Universität Berlin
  • Kravchuk L., Sinev A., Rakov D. : Transport systems investigations on air cushion. In: Engineering and Automation Problems International Journal. 1, 2011, p. 41 - 43 Original author: Л.Н.Кравчук, А.В.Синев, Д.Л.Раков. (Russian) [Transport systems, model, air cushion, structure].

  • Rakov, Dmitry Sinev, Alexander: Structural Analysis and Synthesis for new technical Systems based on morphological approach. In: Engineering and Automation Problems International Journal, ISSN 0234-6206 . 2, 2011, p. 73 - 80 Original author: Раков Д.Л. Синёв А.В. (Russian) [system analysis, structural synthesis, new technical systems, pre-design stage, morphological approach.].

  • Rakov Dmitry : Structural analysis and synthesis of new technical systems on morphological approach. ISBN 978-5-397-02604-8. Moscow: URSS, 2011, 160 pp. Original author: Раков Дмитрий (Russian) [engineering systems, structural analysis and synthesis, innovations technical systems, morphological approach, modeling, conceptual design].