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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

III. Publications by Research Awardees in 2011


Akhmediev, Prof. Dr. Nail

Australian National University, Australia
Field of research: Optics
Host: Prof. Dr. Helmut R. Brand Universität Bayreuth
  • Sh. Amiranashvili, U. Bandelow, and N. Akhmediev: Dispersion of nonlinear group velocity determines shortest envelope solitons. In: Physical Review A. 84, 2011, p. 043834 [solitons nonlinear optics].

  • A. Chabchoub, N. P. Hoffmann, and N. Akhmediev: Rogue wave observation in a water wave tank. In: Physical Review Letters. 106, 2011, p. 204502 [rogue waves].

  • A. Ankiewicz, N. Akhmediev and F. Lederer: Approach to first-order exact solutions of the Ablowitz-Ladik equation. In: Physical Review E. 83, 2011, p. 056602 - 1-6 [discrete system, Ablowitz-Ladik equation].

Andreev, Prof. Dr. Viacheslav Mikhailovich

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
Field of research: Semiconductor physics
Host: Dr. Andreas Bett Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme (ISE)
  • V.P.Khvostikov, A.S.Vlasov, S.V.Sorokina, N.S.Potapovich, N.Kh.Timoshina, M.Z.Shvarts, V.M.Andreev : High-efficiency (η = 39.6%, AM 1.5D) cascade of photoconverters in solar splitting systems. In: Semiconductors. 45;6, 2011, p. 792 - 797.

  • V.M.Andreev : Nanotechnology in solar energy. In: Russia and Germany. Scientific Humboldt Journal (in Russian). 1, 2011, p. 60 - 63.

Balta Calleja, Prof. Dr. Francisco Jose

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Spain
Field of research: Polymer physics
Host: Prof. Dr. Goerg Hannes Michler Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
  • Francisco Jose Balta Calleja, A. Flores, G. Di Marco, S. Sturniolo, M. Pieruccini: Recrystallization processes in cold-crystallized poly(ethylene terephthalate): Interplay between structure evolution anc conformational relaxation. In: Polymer. 52, 2011, p. 3155 - 3162.

Erukhimovich, Prof. Dr. Igor

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
Field of research: Polymer physics
Host: Prof. Dr. Marcus Müller Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • Igor Erukhimovich, Panagiotis Theodorakis, Wolfgang Paul and Kurt Binder: Mesophase formation in two-component cylindrical bottlebrush polymers. In: THE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS . 134, 2011, p. 054906-1 - 054906-22.

Gasser, Prof. Dr. Jürg

Universität Bern, Switzerland
Field of research: Theoretical Physics
Host: Prof. Dr. Ulf-Gerrit Meißner Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
  • J. Gasser, B. Kubis and A. Rusetsky: Cusps in K->3 pi decays: a theoretical framework. In: Nucl. Phys. B850, 2011, p. 96 - 147 [Chiral symmetries, General properties of QCD, Chiral Lagrangians,Meson–meson interactions].

Henneaux, Prof. Dr. Marc

Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Field of research: Theoretical Physics
Host: Prof. Dr. Viatcheslav Mukhanov Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Marc Henneaux, Axel Kleinschmidt, Gustavo Lucena Gómez: Remarks on Gauge Invariance and First Class Constraints. In: Annals of the University of Craiova, Physics, Special Issue. 21, 2011, p. 1 - 10 [Gauge invariance, Dirac theory of constrained systems].

  • Claudio Bunster, Marc Henneaux: Can (Electric-Magnetic) Duality Be Gauged?. In: Physical Review D. 83, 2011, p. 045031-1 - 045031-7 [Duality, gauge invariance].

  • Claudio Bunster, Marc Henneaux: Sp(2n;R) electric-magnetic duality as off-shell symmetry of interacting electromagnetic and scalar fields. In: POS (Proceedings of Science). HRMS, 2011, p. 028-1 - 028-11 [Duality].

  • Claudio Bunster, Marc Henneaux: Action for Twisted Self-Duality. In: Physical Review D. 83, 2011, p. 125015-1 - 125015-11 [Duality, twisted duality, supergravity].

  • Marc Henneaux, Cristián Martínez, Ricardo Troncoso: Asymptotically warped anti-de Sitter spacetimes in topologically massive gravity. In: Physical Review D. 84, 2011, p. 124016-1 - 124016-8 [Gravity, asymptotic symmetries].

  • Claudio Bunster, Andrés Gomberoff, Marc Henneaux: Extended charged events and Chern-Simons couplings. In: Physical Review D. 84, 2011, p. 125012-1 - 125012-11 [Duality, magnetic sources, Chern-Simons terms].

Kaminskii, Prof. Dr. Alexander

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
Field of research: Solid state physics: electrical, magnetic, optical properties
Host: Prof. Dr. Ladislav Bohaty Universität zu Köln
  • Alexander Kaminskii, , H. Rhee, H. J. Eichler, S. N. Bagayev, H. Yagi, K. Ueda, A. Shirakawa: Stimulated Raman scattering in !garnet" LucAl5O12 ceramics - a novel host-material for Ln- and TM-lasant ions. In: Laser Phys. Letters. 8 N6, 2011, p. 458 - 464.

  • Alexander Kaminskii, J. Hanuza, M. Maczka, M. Prak, J. Lorenc, P. Becker, L. Bohaty: Polarized IR and Raman specta, temperature dependence of Phonons and lattice dynamic calculations for M'2M''Ge2O7 pyrogermanates (M'=Sr,Ba; M''=Mg,Zn). In: J. Raman Spectroscopy. 42 N4, 2011, p. 782 - 790.

  • Alexander Kaminskii, L. Bohaty, P. Becker, H. Rhee, H. J. Eichler, O. Lux, V. V. Koltashev: Simulated Raman scattering in natural crystals of SrSO4, BaSO4 and PbSO4; high-order Stokes and anti-Stokes generatin with single-wavelength UV, visible, and near-IR exitation, as well as cascaded up-conversion nonlinear (3- (3) lasing effects . In: Appl. Physics B.. 105 N2, 2011, p. 363 - 380.

  • Alexander Kaminskii, H. Rhee, O. Lux, S. Meister, U. Woogon, H. J. Eichler: Operation of a Raman laser inbulk silicon. In: Optics Letters. 36 N9, 2011, p. 1644 - 1655.

  • Alexander Kaminskii, H. Nakao, A. Shirakawa, K. Ueda, J. Liebertz, P. Becker, L. Bohaty: CW one-micron (4F3/2-4I11/2) laser oscillation of Nd3+ ions in melitite type Ca2MgSi2O7; Nd3+(Na4) crystal at its incommensurate-commensurate phase transition. In: Appl. Physics B. 103 N3, 2011, p. 629 - 635.

  • Alexander Kaminskii, L. Bayarijiargal, E. Haussuhl, N. Muller, S. Haussuhl, H. J. Eichler, H. Rhee, K, Ueda, A. Shirakawa, G. A. Reider: Manifestation of new Chi(3)-nonlinear optical interactons and Chi(2)-properties of orthorhombic bis(quanidinium) zirconium bis/Nitrilotriacetate) hydrate [C(NH2)3]2Zr[N(CH2OO)3]2-H2O crystal. In: Physica Status Solidi (a). 208 N3, 2011, p. 695 - 710.

  • Alexander Kaminskii, H. Rhee, O. Lux, J. J. Eichler, I. Bohaty, P. Becker, J. Liebertz, K. Ueda, A. Shirakawa, V. V. Koltashev: Many-Phonon stimulated Raman scattering and related cascaded and cross-cascaded (3)-nonlinear optical effects in melilite-type crystal Ca2ZnSi2O7. In: Laser Phys. Letter. 8 N12, 2011, p. 859 - 875.

  • Alexander Kaminskii, L Bohaty, P. Becker, H. Rhee, H. J. Eichler: Stokes and anti-Stokes lasing emission in celestine SrSO4, barite BaSO4 and anglesite PbSO4. In: Z. Kristallogr. Supplement. 31 N1, 2011, p. 74 - 75.

Kienberger, Prof. Dr. Reinhard

Technische Universität München, Germany
Field of research: Electron and quantum optics
Host: Prof. Dr. Ferenc Krausz Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik (MPQ)
  • M. Fieß, B. Horvath, T. Wittmann, W. Helml, Y. Cheng, B Zeng, Z. Xu, A. Scrinzi, J. Gagnon, F. Krausz, R.Kienberger: Attosecond control of tunneling ionization and electron trajectories. In: New J. Phys.. 13, 2011, p. 1367 - 2630.

  • F. Reiter, U. Graf, E.e. Serebryannikov, W. Schweinberger, M. Fieß, M. Schultze, A. M. Azzeer, R. Kienberger, F. Krausz, A. M. Zheltikov, E. Goulielmakis: Route to Attosecond Nonlinear Spectroscopy. In: PRL. 105, 2011, p. 24.

  • M. Hofstetter, M. Schultze, M. Fieß, B. Dennhardt, A. Guggenmos, J. Gagnon, V. S. Yakovlev, E. Goulielmakis, R. Kienberger, E. M. Gullikson, F. Krausz, U. Kleineberg: Attosecond dispersion control by extreme ultraviolet multilayer mirrors. In: Optics Express. 19, 2011, p. 1767 - 1776.

  • A. M. Sayler, Tim Rathje, Walter Müller, Klaus Rühle, R. Kienberger, and G. g. Paulus: Precise, real-time, every-single-shot, carrier-envelope phase measurement of ultrashort laser pulses. In: Opt. Lett. 36, 2011, p. 1 - 3.

Komech, Prof. Dr. Alexander

Moscow M.V. Lomonosov State University, Russian Federation
Field of research: Mathematical physics
Host: Prof. Dr. Herbert Spohn Technische Universität München
  • Alexander Komech, Andrew Komech: On global attraction to quantum stationary states. Dirac equation with mean field interaction. In: Commun. Math. Anal.. Conf. 03, 2011, p. 131 - 136 [attractor, nonlinear Dirac equation, solitary wave, Titchmarsh theorem, energy radiation ].

  • Alexander Komech, Elena Kopylova: On asymptotic stability of moving kink for relativistic Ginzburg-Landau equation. In: Comm. Math. Physics. 302, 2011, p. 225 - 252 [asymptotic stability, solitary waves, kink, Ginzburg-Landau equation, symplectic projection, modulation equations ].

  • Alexander Komech, Andrew Komech: On global attraction to quantum stationary states. Dirac equation with mean field interaction. In: Commun. Math. Anal. . Conf. 3, 2011, p. 131 - 136 [attractor, nonlinear Dirac equation, solitary wave, Titchmarsh theorem, energy radiation].

  • Alexander Komech, Elena Kopylova, Herbert Spohn: Scattering of solitons for Dirac equation coupled to a particle. In: J. Math. Anal. Appl.. 383, 2011, p. 265 - 290 [Dirac equation, asymptotic stability, solitary waves, soliton, symplectic projection, modulation equations].

  • Alexander Komech, Elena Kopylova: On asymptotic stability of kink for relativistic Ginzburg-Landau equations. In: Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal.. 202, 2011, p. 213 - 245 [asymptotic stability, solitary waves, kink, Ginzburg-Landau equation, symplectic projection, modulation equations].

  • Andrew Comech, Alexander Komech, : Well-posedness and the energy and charge conservation for nonlinear wave equations in discrete space-time. In: Russ. J. Math. Phys.. 18, 2011, p. 410 - 419 [discrete wave equation, well-posedness, energy, charge].

  • Alexander Komech, Elena Kopylova: On convergence to equilibrium distribution for Dirac equation. In: Markov Processes and Related Fields . 17, 2011, p. 523 - 540 [random solution, Dirac equation, mixing condition, method of series, correlation function, measure, scattering, wave operator].

Kurizki, Prof. Dr. Gershon

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Field of research: Electron and quantum optics
Host: Prof. Dr. Markus Oberthaler Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • Nir Bar-Gill, Christian Gross, Igor Mazets, Markus Oberthaler, and Gershon Kurizki: Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Correlations of Ultracold Atomic Gases. In: Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 12, 2011, p. 120404.

  • D. D. Bhaktavatsala Rao and Gershon Kurizki: From Zeno to anti-Zeno regime: Decoherence-control dependence on the quantum statistics of the bath. In: Phys. Rev. A . 83, 3, 2011, p. 032015.

  • Nir Bar-Gill, D. D. Bhaktavatsala Rao, and Gershon Kurizki: Creating Nonclassical States of Bose-Einstein Condensates by Dephasing Collisions. In: Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 1, 2011, p. 010404.

  • D. D. Bhaktavatsala Rao, Nir Bar-Gill, and Gershon Kurizki: Generation of Macroscopic Superpositions of Quantum States by Linear Coupling to a Bath. In: Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 2011, p. 010404.

  • Gross C., Strobel H., Nicklas E., et al: Atomic homodyne detection of continuous-variable entangled twin-atom states. In: Nature. 480, 2011, p. 219 - 219.

  • Bensky Guy, Amsuess Robert, Majer Johannes et al., : Controlling quantum information processing in hybrid systems on chips. In: QIP. 10, 2011, p. 1037.

  • Xie Xiangsheng, Chen Yongzhu, Zhang Peiqing et al: Optimizing lightwave transmission through a nano-tip, AIP advances. In: AIP advances . 1, 2, 2011, p. 022130.

  • Goren Gordon and Gershon Kurizki: Scalability of decoherence control in entangled systems. In: Phys. Rev. A . 83, 3, 2011, p. 032321.

  • E. Shahmoon, G. Kurizki, M. Fleischhauer, D. Petrosyan: Stongly interacting photons in hollow-core waveguides. In: Phys. Rev. A . 83, 3, 2011, p. 033806.

Mamun, Prof. Dr. A. A.

Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
Field of research: Plasmaphysics
Host: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schlickeiser Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • A. A. Mamun, P.K. Shukla: Asymmetric oscillatory expansion of a cylindrical plasma. In: Journal of Plasma Physics. 77, 2011, p. 437.

Petrosyan, Dr. David

Foundation for Research and Technology - HELLAS (FORTH), Greece
Field of research: Electron and quantum optics
Host: Prof. Dr. Michael Fleischhauer Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
  • David Petrosyan, Johannes Otterbach, Michael Fleischhauer: Electromagnetically induced transparency with Rydberg atoms. In: Physical Review Letters. 107, 2011, p. 213601 [nonlinear and quantum optics].

Roche, Prof. Dr. Stephan

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
Field of research: Theoretical solid state / condensed matter physics
Host: Prof. Dr. Bernd Büchner Leibniz-Institut für Festkörper- und Werkstoffforschung Dresden (IFW) e.V.
  • E. Erdogan, I. Popov, C. G. Rocha, G. Cuniberti, S. Roche, G. Seifert: Engineering carbon chains from mechanically stretched graphene-based materials. In: Physical Review B- Rapid Communication. 83, 2011, p. 041401 [electromechanics in graphene-based materials, simulation, quantum transport ].

  • W. Li, H. Sevincli, S. Roche, G. Cuniberti: Efficient linear scaling method for computing the thermal conductivity of disordered materials. In: Physical Review B (Viewpoint) . 84, 2011, p. 155416 [Order N method, Thermal conductance, phonon transport, carbon nanotubes, graphene].

  • T. Kawai, M. Poetschke, Y. Miyamoto, C. G. Rocha, S. Roche, and G. Cuniberti: Mechanically-induced transport switching effect in graphene-based nanojunctions. In: Physical Review B (rapid Communication). 83, 2011, p. 241405-1 - 241405-4 [Novel type of electronic switching effect, driven by the geometrical reconstruction of nanoscale graphene-based junctions].

  • Mark H. Rümmeli, Claudia G. Rocha, Frank Ortmann, Imad Ibrahim, Haldun Sevincli, Felix Börrnert, Jens Kunstmann, Alicja Bachmatiuk, Markus Pötschke, Masashi Shiraishi, M. Meyyappan, Bernd Büchner, Stephan Roche and Gianaurelio Cuniberti : Graphene: Piecing it Together . In: Advanced Materials. 23, 2011, p. 4471 - 4490 [graphene science and applications].

  • C. G. Rocha, M. H. Rümmeli, I. Ibrahim, H. Sevincli, F. Börrnert, J. Kunstmann, A. Bachmatiuk, M. Pötschke, W. Li, S. A. M. Makharza, S. Roche, B. Büchner, and G. Cuniberti : Graphene: Synthesis and Applications. Florida International University, Miami, USA : Taylor and Francis Books-CRC Press, 2011, 15 pp. [Graphene, electronic properties, transport, disorder effects, synthesis].

Siegrist, Prof. Dr. Theo

Florida State University, United States of America
Field of research: Solid state physics, solid body physics
Host: Prof. Dr. Matthias Wuttig Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen
  • Theo Siegrist, Peter Jost, Hanno Volker, Michael Woda, Philipp Merkelbach, Carl Schlockermann, Matthias Wuttig: Disorder-induced localization in crystalline phase-change materials. In: Nature Materials. 10, 2011, p. 202 - 208 [Phase-change materials charge localization Anderson-Mott Transition Ge1Sb2Te4 ].

Tel, Prof. Dr. Tamas

Eötvös Lorand University, Hungary
Field of research: Statistical physics and thermodynamics
Host: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Feudel Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
  • Anton Daitche and Tamas Tel: Memory Effects are Relevant for Chaotic Advection of Inertial Particles. In: Physical Review Letters . 107, 2011, p. 244501-1 - 244501-5 [spreading of pollutants].

Watts, Prof. Dr. David Christopher

University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Field of research: Physics
Host: Prof. Dr. Klaus D. Jandt Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
  • Karin Kitzmüller, Alexandra Graf, David C Watts, Andreas Schedle, : Setting kinetics and shrinkage of self-adhesive resin cements depend on cure-mode and temperature. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011, p. 544 - 551.

  • Markus Beyer, Jörg Reichert, Jörg Bossert, Bernd W. Sigusch, David C. Watts, Klaus D. Jandt. : Acids with an equivalent taste lead to different erosion of human dental enamel. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011.

  • Alvaro Della Bona, Wayne T. Wozniak, David C. Watts: International dental standards - Order out of chaos?. In: Dental materials. 27, 2011, p. 619 - 621.

  • Adilson Y. Furuse, José Mondelli, David C. Watts: Network structures of Bis-GMA/TEGDMA resins differ in DC, shrinkage-strain, hardness and optical properties as a function of reducing agent. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011, p. 497 - 506.

  • Nadia Ereifej, Flávia Pires Rodrigues, Nick Silikas, David C Watts: Experimental and FE shear-bonding strength at core/veneer interfaces in bilayered ceramics. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011, p. 590 - 597.

  • Martina Schmid-Schwap, Alexandra Graf, Angela Preinerstorfer, David C. Watts, Eva Piehslinger, Andreas Schedle.: Microleakage after thermocycling of cemented crowns - A meta-analysis. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011, p. 855 - 869.

  • Muhammad Kaleem, Julian D. Satterthwaite, David C Watts: A method for assessing force/work parameters for stickiness of unset resin-composites. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011, p. 805 - 810.

  • Larissa Maria Cavalcante, Luis Felipe J. Schneider, Nick Silikas, David C. Watts: Surface integrity of solvent-challenged ormocer-matrix composite. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011, p. 173 - 179.

  • Yong-jie Wei, Nick Silikas, Zhen-ting Zhang, David C. Watts: Diffusion and concurrent solubility of self-adhering and new resin–matrix composites during water sorption/desorption cycles. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011, p. 197 - 205.

  • Yong-jie Wei, Nick Silikas, Zhen-ting Zhang, David C. Watts : Hygroscopic dimensional changes of self-adhering and new resin-matrix composites during water sorption/desorption cycles. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011, p. 259 - 266.

  • P Ausiello, P Franciosa, M Martorelli, David C Watts: Numerical fatigue 3D-FE modelling of indirect composite-restored posterior teeth. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011, p. 423 - 430.

  • Muhanad Hatamleh, David C Watts: Porosity and colour of maxillofacial silicone elastomer. In: Journal of Prosthodontics. 20, 2011, p. 60 - 66.

  • Muhanad Hatanleh, Flavia Rodrigues, Nick Silikas, David C Watts: 3D-FE Analysis of Soft Liner-Acrylic Interfaces under Shear Loading. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011, p. 445 - 454.

  • Muhanad Hatamleh, David Christopher Watts: Effects of bond primers on bending strength and bonding of glass fibers in fiber-embedded maxillofacial silicone prostheses. In: Journal of Prosthodontics. 20, 2011, p. 113 - 119.

  • David Christopher Watts: The Quest for Stable Biomimetic Repair of Teeth - Technology of new Resin-Composites. In: Il Dentista Moderno. 2011.

  • Pietro Ausiello, Pasquale Franciosa, Massimo Martorelli, David Christopher Watts: Mechanical behavior of post-restored upper canine teeth: A 3D FE analysis. In: Dental Materials. 27, 2011, p. 1283 - 1292 [ Fiber-post; Dental crown; Canine teeth; Mechanical behavior; Finite element analysis; Stress distribution].

  • MM Hatamleh, GL Polyzois, N. Silikas, David Christopher Watts: Effect of Extra-oral Aging conditionings on Mechanical Properties of Maxillofacial Silicone Elastomer. In: Journal of Prosthodontics. . 20, 2011, p. 439 - 446 [ Maxillofacial silicone elastomer; mechanical properties; outdoor weathering; accelerated aging; sebum; acidic perspiration].

  • MM Hatamleh, C Haylock, J Watson, David Christopher Watts: Survey about attitudes, opinions, and experience of maxillofacial prosthetists and technologists in the UK toward maxillofacial silicone prostheses. In: Journal of Maxillofacial Prosthetics & Technology. 11, 2011, p. 15 - 19.

  • George Eliades, David Christopher Watts, Theodore Eliades: Dental Hard Tissues and Bonding: Interfacial Phenomena and Related Properties. Berlin: Springer-Verlag , 2011, 198 pp. [Adhesion Theory, Adhesives, Dental Enamel, Dentin].

Wetterich, Prof. Dr. Christof

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany
Field of research: Particle physics

  • C. Wetterich: Spinors in euclidean field theory, complex structures and discrete symmetries . In: Nucl. Phys. B852, 2011, p. 174 - 234.

  • J. Beyer, S. Nurmi, C. Wetterich: Coupled dark energy and dark matter from dilatation anomaly. In: Phys. Rev. . D84, 2011, [023010].

  • N. Brouzakis, V. Pettorino, N. Tetradis, C. Wetterich: Nonlinear matter spectra in growing neutrino quintessence. In: JCAP. 1103, 2011, p. 49.

  • S. Friederich, H.C. Krahl, C. Wetterich: Functional renormalization for spontaneous symmetry breaking in the Hubbard model. In: Phys. Rev. . B83, 2011, [115125].

  • N. Nunes, L. Schrempp, C. Wetterich: Mass freezing in growing neutrino quintessence. In: Phys. Rev. . D83, 2011, [083523].

  • C. Wetterich: Classical probabilities for Majorana and Weyl spinors. In: Annals of Phys. . 326, 2011, p. 2243.

  • I. Boettcher, S. Floerchinger, C.Wetterich: Collective modes for precision measurements on cold trapped gases. In: J. Phys. B: At.Mol.Opt. Phys.. 44, 2011, [235301].

  • M. Baldi, V. Pettorino, L. Amendola, C. Wetterich: Oscillating nonlinear large scale structure in growing neutrino quintessence. In: MNRAS. 418, 2011, p. 214.

  • D. Ludwig, S. Floerchinger, S. Moroz, C. Wetterich: Quantum phase transitions in Bose-Fermi mixtures. In: Phys. Rev.. A84, 2011, [033629].

  • C. Wetterich: Lattice spinor gravity. In: Phys. Lett . B704, 2011, p. 612 - 619.