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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

III. Publications by Research Awardees in 2017

Materials science

Kruzic, Prof. Dr. Jamie J.

University of New South Wales, Australia
Field of research: Materials science and metallurgy
Host: Prof. Dr. Ralf Busch Universit├Ąt des Saarlandes
  • Sergio Scudino, Rub Nawaz Shahid, Benjamin Escher, Mihai Stoica, Bosong Li, Jamie J. Kruzic: Mapping the cyclic plastic zone to elucidate the mechanisms of crack tip deformation in bulk metallic glasses. In: Applied Physics Letters. 110, 2017, p. 081903 [Cracks, Amorphous metals, Shear deformation, X-ray diffraction, Strain measurement].