Prof. Dr. Brian F. Pfleger


Derzeitige StellungProfessor W-3 und Äquivalente
Keywordsindustrial microbiology, biomanufacturing, synthetic biology, sustainability, systems biology

Aktuelle Kontaktadresse

Universität/InstitutionUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Institut/AbteilungDepartment of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Gastgeber*innen während der Förderung

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf TakorsInstitut für Bioverfahrenstechnik (IBVT), Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart


2021Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel-Forschungspreis-Programm

Projektbeschreibung der*des Nominierenden

Trained as a chemical engineer, Professor Pfleger focuses on using metabolic engineering techniques to produce value-added fuels and chemicals. His research combines basic chemical engineering with synthetic biology and systems metabolic engineering for supporting bioeconomy. During his stay in Germany, Professor Pfleger aims to link his studies with further research on scaling-up and scaling-down to establish robust strains and bioprocesses.