More money for Lynen Fellows

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation raises fellowship rates for postdocs and experienced scientists and scholars from Germany.

Feodor Lynen Research Fellows are to receive more money from now on. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research recently approved the Humboldt Foundation’s application to increase its fellowship rates. As a result, German scientists and scholars who conduct research abroad will receive a base fellowship of €1,750 a month with retroactive effect from 1 January. This represents an increase of up to 28%. The allowance for direct research costs has also been increased, from €150 to now €250.

The fellowship is comprised of a base fellowship, an allowance for direct research costs, a foreign allowance and, where applicable, a family allowance for the fellow’s marital partner and children. The changes have already been incorporated into the fellowship calculator.

The Humboldt Foundation awards some 100 Feodor Lynen Research Fellowships every year. Applications may be submitted at any time. A Humboldt Foundation selection committee decides on applications in February, June and October of every year.


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