Humboldt Life upgraded

Humboldt Life, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s online network, has a new face: the homepage has been completely redesigned and reorganised.

To give you a better overview of the most important events on Humboldt Life, there is now an “Editor’s choice” section, which highlights selected contents and presents them to users on their own welcome pages immediately after logging on.

User-friendliness has also been improved. Members of Humboldt Life have more space to tell their contacts what they are doing, what they are working on or to pass on any interesting new links they have discovered: 250 characters are now available for status updates instead of 140.

Moreover, group managers are now able to structure their discussion group homepage themselves. Using so-called widgets, they can arrange the contents and activities that are most important for the group members and ensure they are given a prominent position.

Humboldt Life went online just over a year ago. The platform addresses fellows, award winners, alumni and their academic hosts as well as the Foundation’s expert representatives, independent peer reviewers and collaborative partners. It is designed to facilitate networking and the exchange of professional information. Some 5,000 users have already registered.

If you are a Humboldtian, but not yet a member of Humboldt Life, you can join now:

If you are already a member of Humboldt Life and would like to receive an overview of all the alterations, please click here


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