25 November 2015

Portrait from the land of eternal ice

Documentary film chronicles the work of glaciologist and Gay-Lussac Humboldt Prize winner Claude Lorius

The story of the life and research of glaciologist and Humboldtian Claude Lorius is the focus of the documentary film Ice & Sky which can be seen in cinemas in Germany starting 26 November. Back in 1956, Claude Lorius - today considered to be the discoverer of global warming - undertook his first expedition to Antarctica at the young age of 23. Over the years since then he has travelled to the land of eternal ice more than 22 times.

Claude Lorius

 Photo: Claude Lorius

Lorius’ many outstanding achievements include reconstructing how the Earth’s climate has developed over hundreds of thousands of years on the basis of his analyses of ice and the carbon dioxide in the air bubbles it contains. At the same time, he conducted research on the sources of global warming and foresaw the influence of greenhouse gas emissions at an early point in time. Claude Lorius has received many awards, including in 1988 the Humboldt Alexander von Foundation’s Gay-Lussac Humboldt Prize for French researchers which is endowed with €60,000.

The film Ice & Sky recounts 50 years of research conducted by Claude Lorius who is now 83 years old. For this film, Director Luc Jacquet, who won the Oscar for the best documentary film in 2006 for March of the Penguins, used new film material which he combined with in part unpublished archival material from Claude Lorius himself.

Further information regarding this film is available at: www.zwischenhimmelundeis.weltkino.de/




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