13 May 2016

Active Humboldt Network in Canada

The Humboldt Foundation renews its cooperation agreement with the University of Alberta.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the University of Albert renewed their 10-year-old agreement on intensifying German-Canada scientific relations at a festive ceremony held at the Consulate General in Toronto, Canada, on 6 May. The cooperation between the Humboldt Foundation, the University of Alberta and the Humboldt Association of Canada was extended for a further three years in a Memorandum of Understanding. This cooperation focuses on making the Humdboldt Foundation’s sponsorship programmes better known in Canada, assisting the Foundation with networking events, and helping establish contact with other research funding organisations.

Erneuerung des Memorandum of Understanding zwischen der Humboldt-Stiftung und der University of Alberta

Renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between
the Humboldt Foundation and the University of Alberta
l. to r.: Dietmar Kennepohl (Director of the initiative in
Canada), Britta Baron (Vice-Provost of the University
of Alberta), Chung-Wai Chow (President of the Humboldt
Association of Canada), Helmut Schwarz (President of
the Humboldt Foundation), Walter Stechel (Consul
General in Toronto), Werner Wnendt (German Ambassador 
in Canada)

Photo: Consulate General of Toronto

In order to effectively implement these objectives, the three partners coordinate their activities with help from the University of Alberta. The initiative maintains a website that offers Canadian researchers information about research stays in Germany. The current Director is the former president of the Humboldt Association of Canada, Professor Dietmar Kennepohl.

A Humboldt Kolleg held at the University of Toronto from 6 - 8 May with some 90 researchers provides an indication of how active the Humboldt Network is in Canada. During the Humboldt Kolleg they discussed various aspects of the subject of time on an interdisciplinary basis. The Humboldt Foundation promotes Kollegs as a tool for establishing regional and specialist networks. Kollegs also have the task of interesting junior researchers in Germany as a location for conducting research and in the funding and sponsorship programmes of the Humboldt Foundation.


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