5th German-American Frontiers of Humanities Symposium 2008: Subjects of Coercion: Evocations and Experiences of War

October 2 - 5, 2008

The German-American Frontiers of Humanities Symposia (GAFOH) are a series of interdisciplinary transatlantic conferences which are co-organized by the American Philosophical Society (APS) and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. They bring together approx. 50 outstanding young postdoctoral scholars from a wide range of humanistic disciplines (24 each from Germany and the U.S.). The conference format allows for the exchange of ideas across disciplinary as well as national boundaries and, at the same time, provides opportunities for future transatlantic collaborations and networking. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation will support such collaborations between German and U.S. participants with its special follow-up program CONNECT. Conferences take place once a year alternately in the USA and in Germany.

With the start of this special type of conference in 2004 for scholars from the humanities the Humboldt Foundation extends its successful program of German-American Frontiers of Research Symposia which are also carried out for outstanding young German and American natural scientists (GAFOS) as well as for German and American engineers (GAFOE).

Some facts about our U.S. partner organization: The American Philosophical Society (APS)

The American Philosophical Society, founded in Philadelphia in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin for `the promotion of useful knowledge,¿ is an honorary learned society of 947 members who are elected in recognition of their outstanding achievements in the mathematical, physical, and biological sciences; social sciences; humanities; and the arts, professions, and leaders in public and private affairs. Past members include the first four presidents of the United States, Alexander von Humboldt, Charles Darwin, and Albert Einstein. Present members include close to 100 Nobel laureates. The Society holds biannual meetings for its members in April and November. It also

  • supports a major library of 300,000 books and 10 million manuscripts specializing in the history of modern science and in American history to 1840;
  • publishes a dozen scholarly books annually;
  • maintains an exhibition program displaying treasures from the Society¿s collections;
  • awards 10 annual or semi-annual prizes for distinguished academic achievement, scholarship, and public service;
  • awards 75 to 80 Franklin Research grants annually to scholars in all fields of knowledge for research travel, field work, or laboratory expenses;
  • awards 18 to 20 Sabbatical Fellowships annually to mid-career scholars in the humanities and social sciences;
  • awards 2 two-year Daland fellowships annually to clinical investigators in medical research;
  • awards 20 to 25 Phillips grants annually in Native American ethno-history and linguistics;
  • awards 20 to 25 Library Resident fellowships annually for research in the APS library;
  • awards 40 to 45 Lewis & Clark grants annually for field studies in many disciplines.

Website: http://www.amphilsoc.org

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