Call for nominations: Georg Forster Research Award for researchers from developing and transition countries

Collaborative partners in Germany have until 31 October to nominate internationally recognised researchers in any discipline. Each award is valued at €60,000.

Fundamental discoveries, new theories or insights which have had a long-term impact on the field – these are the achievements for which the Humboldt Foundation honours outstanding researchers from transition and developing countries with the Georg Forster Research Award.

Experts from all disciplines whose research work will help in future to find solutions to the challenges facing developing and transition countries may be nominated until 31 October. Any researcher working at a German university or research institution may submit a nomination. The award winners will be invited to conduct a research project of their choosing in Germany together with the specialist colleague who nominated them for the award.

The award is valued at €60,000. Further funding of up to €25,000 may be made available for involving junior researchers, participating in scientific conferences or scientific equipment for the nominee’s own institute.

This research award is named after the naturalist, travel writer and journalist Georg Forster (1754-1794), a friend of Alexander von Humboldt.


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