5 April 2018

Change of leadership at the German Association of Humboldtians

The German Association of Humboldtians (DGH), an association of persons who have been sponsored by the Humboldt Foundation in Germany, has made changes in its personnel line-up.

A new board of directors comprised of Wolfram Koepf, Elke Bogner and Jens Gebauer and chaired by Lutz Cleemann has taken up its work in the DGH. The nuclear physicist Lutz Cleemann, who in the early 1980s was one of the first Feodor Lynen Research Fellows to conduct research in the USA, will take the place of the long-time DGH chairman Uwe Dorka. Cleemann has a broad range of professional experience, extending from basic research to research in the private sector and corporate sustainability strategies.

Der neue DGH-Vorstand
The new DGH board of directors (left to right): Wolfram Koepf, Lutz Cleemann, Elke Bogner and Jens Gebauer
(Photo: German Association of Humboldtians)

Regional forums for Humboldt alumni from all disciplines

The DGH offers Humboldtians who want to continue cultivating contact with one another as alumni, irrespective of their discipline and professional career, a network of regional forums for personal meetings, joint undertakings and informal sharing of knowledge and experience. Today, ten years after its establishment, the DGH has more than 330 members in 18 regional groups located throughout nearly all of Germany.

Greater regional presence and more visibility

The new board of directors has set itself the goal of expanding the Humboldt club's regional presence even further and boosting awareness of it in various areas. The DGH focuses on the academic world as well as other fields in which Humboldt Foundation alumni in Germany work, such as the private sector and public administration. The DGH wants to expand its regional presence to the point that interested alumni do not have to travel far to participate in the activities of the nearest regional group. With 18 groups already active throughout Germany, this aim is nearly accomplished. The DGH executive committee does however consider the DGH to still be underrepresented in a few regions and the areas "private sector" and "public administration" and is inviting alumni in Germany as well as long-standing hosts of Humboldtians and members of the Humboldt Foundation's selection committees to join the DGH.

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