27 June 2018

Canadian zoologist Colin Chapman receives Konrad Adenauer Research Award

The Canadian zoologist, biologist and primate researcher Colin A. Chapman has been chosen to receive the Konrad Adenauer Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Colin A. Chapman is a professor in the Department of Anthropology at McGill School of Environment in Montreal where he holds a Canada Research Chair. He is regarded as one of the world's leading experts in primate and zoonoses research and for the protection of primates.

Chapman studies how global climate change and ecological and social factors such as food scarcity, disease, nutrition and stress impact biodiversity, particularly in the case of primates. Here he can draw on data from his nearly thirty years of fieldwork in Uganda where he oversees a long-term research programme on the primate communities in Kibale National Park. In addition, Colin Chapin has actively worked for decades to promote species protection and nature conservation as well as health care in rural areas, such as by setting up mobile ambulant medical clinics in Uganda. He has received numerous prestigious awards and has been appointed a member of, for example, the Royal Society of Canada and the Wildlife Conservation Society. As a Konrad Adenauer Research Award winner Colin A. Chapman will, among other things, work together with the epidemiologist Fabian H. Leendertz at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin.

The Konrad Adenauer Research Award singles out researchers from Canada whose fundamental discoveries and insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline and beyond, and whose personality and research contribute to the academic and cultural exchange between the Federal Republic of Germany and Canada. The prize is valued at €60,000.


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