Georg Forster Research Fellowship

Information for Independent Peer Reviewers

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has asked you to evaluate the academic quality of an application for a Georg Forster Research Fellowship. You thus play a crucial role in the selection of our fellows.

By granting research fellowships, not only do we enable outstanding young scientists and scholars to realise long-term research projects, but also offer ongoing support for collaboration with specialist colleagues in Germany through our alumni sponsorship programmes. As such, it is very important to identify and target promising talent and enlist the academic elites of tomorrow as partners for Germany today. In addition to the expert reviews provided by the applicant, the Humboldt Foundation’s selection committee requires your independent, external peer review.

In order to ensure that application documents can be processed efficiently, please take note of the information below:

  • In the interests of an efficient selection process, we should be very grateful if you would complete your independent review as promptly as possible – usually within three to four weeks.
  • Before preparing your review, please check that you are not affected by impartiality issues (guidelines on impartiality). Should you not consider yourself sufficiently impartial or appropriately qualified to provide an expert opinion or not be able to submit your statement in the time foreseen, we should be grateful if you would provide us with the name and address of a competent colleague and return the application documents to us immediately.
  • We have collated a list of questions for independent peer reviewers as a guideline for you to follow when completing your review. Please answer all the questions so that we can do full justice to the applicant in the evaluation process.
  • When assessing an application, appropriate consideration should be given to the conditions under which academic results have been achieved, as evidenced by the curriculum vitae.
  • When making a final recommendation, please bear in mind that, due to the large number of applications from all over the world, we can currently only approve about one third of all the applications. Thus, only exceptionally highly-qualified researchers can be considered for sponsorship by the Humboldt Foundation.
  • Your review will, of course, be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Please ensure that the same level of confidentiality is maintained both towards those directly involved and towards third parties.

Information on the sponsorship criteria relating to Georg Forster Research Fellowships can be found in the relevant programme information.

We shall, of course, notify you of the outcome of the entire selection procedure under which you submit reviews. Should you have any questions, please contact Humboldt headquarters.


Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Selection Department
Jean-Paul-Str. 12
53173 Bonn, Germany

Fax: 0228-833 212

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