1st German-Israeli Frontiers of Humanities Symposium 2009

List of Sessions

Transmission of Knowledge/Commentaries


Orna Harari and Gyburg Uhlmann

Ottoman Commentary on a Building: The Muslim-Turned-Ottoman Hospital

Miri Schefer, Tel Aviv University

"The Roaring Twenties" - Islamic Theological Summae and Commentaries in the 1320s

Heidrun Eichner, Free University of Berlin

Aristotelian Logic and Later Neoplatonism. On Post-Plotinian Adaptations of Aristotle's Organon

Rainer Thiel, University of Jena

The Transmission of Medical Knowledge in Nemesius' Treatise "On the Nature of Man"

Sabine Föllinger, University of Bamberg

The Past in the Presents


Michal Biran and Sabine Schmidtke

Moving in a Circuit: Alexander the Great in Iran from Pre-Islamic Times to the Present

Julia Rubanovitch, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Islamic Forefathers in the Writings of Muhammad Abduh and the
Construction of the ‘Salafiyya Movement’

Johann Büssow, University of Halle-Wittenberg

Modern Mysteries: Religious Representations in Avant-Garde Theatre

Sharon Aronson-Lehavi, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan

Early Modern Iberian Models of Imperialism and Globalization in Recent Historiography: Between Historical Imagination and Social Memory

Claude B. Stuczynski, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan

Arts and Biology: Exchanging Disciplines


Eran Neuman and Tanja Michalsky

Traces of Medical Technical Works in Vegetius’ Epitoma Rei Militaris

Ido Israelowich, Tel Aviv University

Vitality and Visuality: On Recent Concepts of the 'Nature' of Images

Steffen Siegel, University of Jena

Writing Landscape

Nissim Gal, Haifa University

Biological Mothers and Jewish Mothers in Philo of Alexandria

Maren Niehoff, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Histories of Histories of Globalization


Diego Olstein and Marc Frey

Local versus global - Caciques and Spanish "encomenderos" on 16th Century Stone Crosses in New Spain

Margit Kern, Humboldt University Berlin

Rites de Passage and Rights of Passage: Mobilities in the Suez Canal Region 1869-1914

Valeska Huber, University of Konstanz

The Global Spread of Modernization Theory in the Post-World War II World

Corinna Unger, German Historical Institute Washington, DC

World History and Biology: Interdisciplinary Contact and Conflict

Yuval Noah Harari, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem