Instructions for the Network Online


At the top of the web page you will find a "login" link which takes you to the login screen. You can log in here by entering your Humboldt ID as your user name and your personal password underneath.

You also have the option of remaining logged in by ticking the respective box. This will save a cookie that will keep you logged in even after you close the browser. The next time you open the same browser on the same computer, you will not have to log in again. You should only use this option if you are sure that you are the only one using this computer. If you did not tick the box "remain logged in", you do not need to log out because closing the browser will automatically terminate your session.

If you forget your password or encounter any other problem logging in, click on "forgot password?" for help.

After logging in you will be directed to the last visited page. After you log out you will be directed to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation homepage.

Searching the Network Online

On the main navigation bar on the left, click on "Researching the Network" under the heading "Humboldt Network". You will be taken to a window with two tabs:

Search for Humboldtians
You can enter any key word in the search field. The search result includes any Humboldtian whose data contains the key word(s). If you click on a search result, you will see all available data on the selected Humboldtian. Log in to research the password-protected section of the Online Network. Telephone or fax numbers as well as mailing and email addresses are available in this section only. Humboldtians who did not consent to the publication of their data in the public section of the Online Network can only be searched after logging in.

Searching the Bibliographia Humboldtiana
This full-text search retrieves key words in Humboldtians' publication abstracts. It only contains the bibliographical data of publications produced in the context of a Humboldt-sponsored research stay.

Changing your personal data

On the main navigation bar on the left, click on "Service for Humboldtians". If you haven't already done so, you will be asked to log in (see "login"). After logging in successfully you will see your personalised service portal where you can update your personal data.

Updating personal data
Click on "update your personal data here". Please check your data for accuracy and update, if necessary. You can enter future address changes by setting a start date on which the new address will be activated. Please confirm all changes to your personal data by clicking on the button "save data".

How to change your personal data:

  • Research area: You can enter or change one or several of your research areas by clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the text box. This opens a list of research areas. For a more specific breakdown of each research area, click on the "+" symbol in front of it. You can select only one main research area and up to two additional research areas.
  • Areas of expertise: change your area of expertise by typing over existing entries. You may enter additional areas of expertise in the empty spaces. You may make up to five entries.
  • Work and home address: If possible, select an entry from the drop-down lists and fill in all spaces. If, for example, you select a country from the drop-down list, you will see a list of federal states or towns for this country. If the information needed is not available on the list, you can type it in.
    Please indicate when the new address becomes effective. If the address you entered is temporary, please enter an end date, as well. Your current address will be reactivated automatically after the temporary address expires.
    Please indicate which of your addresses - home or work – is your default address for correspondence with the Humboldt Foundation and which should be displayed in the Online Network. If you no longer wish to receive any correspondence from the Humboldt Foundation or to no longer be searchable on the online database, inform the Humboldt Foundation by sending a message using the email screen which appears at the end.

How to update information on your publications:
Click on the link "Update information on your publications here". Now you can enter bibliographical data on publications that were produced in the context of a Humboldt research stay or previous publications. Click on "edit list" if you wish to change data on existing publications, or "add new publication", if you want to add a new title. Follow the instructions on the screen, filling in as many fields as possible.
Please note the following rules when entering data on a new publication: Enter titles in Germanic or Romance languages only, such as German, English, or French. Titles containing characters from other languages cannot be entered. If your publication was published in another language, please provide the English translation of the title, indicating the original language of the publication in parenthesis.

If your title contains special characters such as Greek letters or superscript or subscript numbers in chemical, physics or mathematical formulas, please download the pdf document "Instructions for inserting special characters" and follow the instructions. The data you enter will be saved in a temporary folder before it is saved in the actual data base. You can view the titles in the temporary folder by clicking on "edit list".