Studying Digital Humanities

By Lilo Berg

Ever more universities are offering courses in Digital Humanities. In Germany alone there are currently 15 Bachelor’s and Master’s courses; worldwide there are about 80.

Various different specialisations are available ranging from Digital Media Computing via Computer Linguistics to Digital History and Educational Technology. DH is usually taught in combination with a traditional humanities subject. Students learn how to operationalise research questions in the humanities so that they can be addressed by technical means. They discover how to use and, if necessary, develop analytical tools. The curriculum also covers how to prepare and visualise research outcomes convincingly. Graduates of these degree courses are in demand. Employment opportunities exist at universities and schools, in libraries, archives and museums as well as with publishing houses, software firms and in the information management sector.

Digital Humanities in Germany
Just a few years ago you still had to search for DH courses with a magnifying glass. Today there is a respectable number of them across the country. And the trend is upward.
published in Humboldt Kosmos 102/2014