Feodor Lynen Return Fellowship

In order to enable continued cooperation between members of the Humboldt Network abroad and Feodor Lynen Research Fellows after their return to Germany the Humboldt Foundation can award return fellowships. These fellowships sponsor international research projects which are affiliated with an university or non-university research institute in Germany. The Humboldt Foundation expects the Feodor Lynen Research Fellows to invite the former host with whom they are cooperating to visit the institute with which they are affiliated in Germany within the framework of the Humboldt Network Sponsorship. In addition, they should be willing to act as campus advisor and host for the foreign guest researchers sponsored by the Humboldt Foundation at the institute with which they are affiliated in Germany.

Upon application the return fellowship can be granted for a period of maximal twelve months. The sponsorship period ends as soon as the research fellow finds a position or alternative source of funding (i.e. payments from the Bundesagentur für Arbeit) in Germany. Income from any source must be reported to the Humboldt Foundation immediately.

Application for a return fellowship can be made up to nine months before and no later than six months after completing the initial stay sponsored by the Humboldt Foundation abroad and the return fellowship must be taken up no later than twelve months after completing the initial stay.

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