Max Planck Research Award

Information for Expert Reviewers

If you are providing an expert review for a nominee, we should be grateful if you would consider the criteria that are most important for the selection decision when preparing your – informal – statement:

  • the nominee's outstanding academic achievements to date by international comparison,
  • the impact of his/her work on the immediate and broader discipline,
  • his/her publication record in recent years,
  • the potential implications for the development of the discipline as well as for strengthening Germany as a research location,
  • the potential implications for the nominee's international collaboration,
  • further excellent achievements to be expected in future.

You can rest assured that your statement will be treated confidentially by the Humboldt Foundation administration and the Selection Committee.

Information on the sponsorship criteria relating to Max Planck Research Awards can be found in the relevant Programme Information.

Please bear in mind that the Humboldt Foundation administration can only initiate the decision-making process once your statement has been received. It is, therefore, possible to submit your statement separately from the nomination itself and send it directly to the:

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Selection Department,
Jean-Paul-Str. 12, 53173 Bonn, Germany
Fax: 0228-833 212, E-Mail: MPF(at)


Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Selection Department
Jean-Paul-Str. 12
53173 Bonn, Germany

Fax: 0228-833 212

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