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Information for independent peer reviewers

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation conducts the pre-selection of candidates for a research fellowship granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology Taiwan (MOST). The Foundation sponsors people, not projects. Consequently, the applicant’s own scientific qualifications should be the focus of your review. and outstanding talent is thus even more important than assessing the academic quality of a research proposal.

By granting research fellowships, not only do we enable outstanding scientists and scholars to realise long-term research projects in Taiwan, but also offer ongoing support for academic collaboration with members of the Humboldt Network abroad. In addition to the expert reviews provided by the applicant, the Humboldt Foundation’s selection committee requires your independent peer review.

As a peer reviewer you will be given access to our peer reviewer portal on which you will find the documents to be reviewed as well as a personal form for completing your review.

Your review will, of course, be treated with the utmost confidentiality and only made available to people who are involved in the rest of the selection procedure. Please ensure that the same level of confidentiality is maintained both towards those directly involved and towards third parties.


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