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Council for At-Risk Academics

The Council for At-Risk Academics (Cara) was founded in London in 1933 in response to the Nazis’ expulsion of many academics from their posts at German universities. Leading UK academics and scientists, appalled at the suffering of their colleagues, founded the Academic Assistance Council (AAC), later the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning (SPSL), now Cara, to help them to escape and to continue their work. From the beginning the AAC/SPSL had close links with Philipp Schwartz and the Notgemeinschaft Deutscher Wissenschaftler im Ausland, and in 1935/36 the headquarters and archive of the Notgemeinschaft were moved from Zurich to London and combined with those of the SPSL.

Over eighty years later, Cara still works, with the support of universities in the UK and elsewhere, including in Germany, to help academics and scientists fleeing from discrimination, persecution, suffering or violence. The aim of Cara’s founders was “the relief of suffering and the defence of learning and science”. Both parts of this mission are just as valid today.

Cara services for German universities and research institutions through the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Philipp Schwartz Initiative include:

  • Identification of candidates
  • Evaluation of candidates identified by institutions
  • Pre-arrival advice for candidates and hosts
  • Post-arrival advice for candidates and hosts
  • Monitoring and evaluation of visit success
  • Transition assistance at the end of Philipp Schwartz Fellowship
  • Possible co-funded Cara Fellowships following Philipp Schwartz Fellowship


Stephen Wordsworth
Executive Director

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Dr. Barbara Sheldon
Head of Division Strategic Planning
Phone: +49 228 833 109

Frank Albrecht
Program Director Philipp Schwartz Initiative
Phone: +49 228 833 122

E-Mail: schwartz-initiative(at)

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