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Scholars at Risk Network

Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network of more than 500 universities, colleges, research centers and associations in 39 countries collectively working to protect threatened scholars and to promote academic freedom and related higher education values. SAR assists hundreds of scholars each year through temporary positions at network member institutions, direct in-country assistance to threatened scholars and their families as well as advice and referrals for scholars and their host campuses. Scholars unable to return safely at the end of an initial visit typically seek follow-up placements through the global SAR network member institutions and partners. Membership is not required for placement assistance, although members benefit from additional services including research, advocacy and training opportunities for academic staff and students, conferences, and workshops on best practices in hosting scholars and promoting values.

SAR services for German universities and research institutions through the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Philipp Schwartz Initiative include:

  • Identification of candidates
  • Evaluation of candidates identified by institutions
  • Pre-arrival advice for candidates and hosts
  • Post-arrival advice for candidates and hosts
  • Monitoring and evaluation of visit success
  • Transition assistance at the end of Philipp Schwartz Fellowship
  • Possible further placements following Philipp Schwartz Fellowship through the global SAR network member institutions and partnerships


Rose Anderson
Director, Protection Services

Scholars at Risk Network
411 Lafayette, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10003

Phone: +1-212-998-2179



Dr. Barbara Sheldon
Head of Strategic Planning Division
Managing Director Philipp Schwartz-Initiative

Phone: +49 228 833 109

Frank Albrecht
Programme Director Philipp Schwartz Initiative
Phone: +49 228 833 122


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