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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

III. Publikationen von Preisträgern

Psychologie, Pädagogik

Diehl, Prof. Dr. Manfred

Colorado State University, United States of America
Fachgebiet: Development psychology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wahl Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • Manfred Diehl: Subjective Aging and Awareness of Aging: Toward a New Understanding of the Aging Self. In: Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics. 35, 2015, p. 1 - 29.

  • Manfred Diehl: The Role of Subjective Aging Within the Changing Egologies of Aging: Perspectives for Research and Practice. In: Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics. 35, 2015, p. 211 - 245.

Freund, Prof. Dr. Alexandra M.

Universität Zürich, Switzerland
Fachgebiet: General psychology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Julia Fischer Deutsches Primatenzentrum GmbH
  • Laura Almeling, Kurt Hammerschmidt, Holger Sennhenn-Reulen, Alexandra M. Freund, Julia Fischer: Motivational Shifts in Aging Monkeys and the Origins of Social Selectivity. In: Current Biology. 26, 2016, p. 1744 - 1749 [social aging, cognitive aging, Macaca sylvanus, exploratory behavior, problem-solving behavior, social interest, social activity].

Hofmann, Prof. Dr. Stefan

Boston University, United States of America
Fachgebiet: Psychology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Paul Pauli Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
  • Stefan G. Hofmann and Aleena Hay: Rethinking avoidance: Toward a balanced approach to avoidance in treating anxiety disorders. In: Journal of Anxiety Disorders. 55, 2018, p. 14 - 21 [Avoidance, anxiety, fear, exposure, therapy, coping].

  • Stefan G. Hofmann and Stacey N. Doan: The Social Foundations of Emotion: Developmental, Cultural, and Clinical Dimensions. Washington, DC.: American Psychological Association, 2018, 250 pp. [Defining Emotions, Social Self and Emotions, Social Neuroscience of Emotions, Sociocultural Aspects of Emotions, Socialization of Emotions, Moral and Collective Emotions, Social Regulation of Emotions, Social-Emotional Aspects of Mental Disorders].

Klatzky, Prof. Dr. Roberta L.

Carnegie Mellon University, United States of America
Fachgebiet: Psychology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Martin Buss Technische Universität München
  • Markus Rank Thomas Schauss, Angelika Peer Sandra Hirche Roberta L. Klatzky: Masking effects for damping JND. In: Haptics: Perception, Devices, Mobility, and Communication Lecture Notes in Computer Science . 7283, 2012, p. 145 - 150 [haptic interface damping effects stiffness].

  • Raphaela Groten Daniela Feth Roberta L. Klatzky Angelika Peer: The role of haptic feedback for the integration of intentions in shared task execution. In: IEEE Transactions on Haptics. 6, 2013, p. 94 - 105 [haptic interface intention recognition shared task].

  • Roberta L. Klatzky Dianne Pawluk Angelika Peer: Haptic perception of material properties and implications for application. In: Proceedings of the IEEE. 101, 2013, p. 2081 - 2092 [touch haptic perception material friction softness rendering].

Krueger, Prof. Dr. Joachim

Brown University, United States of America
Fachgebiet: Social psychology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Klaus Fiedler Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • Joachim Krueger: One Among Many, The self in socioal context. In: Psychology Today. 2013.

Miller, Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Owen

University of Otago, New Zealand
Fachgebiet: General psychology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Rolf Ulrich Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Owen Miller: S-R compatibility effects on motor potentials associated with hand and foot movements. In: Psychophysiology. 53, 2016, p. 493 - 506 [EEG/ERP, Motor processes, Hand and foot movements, Spatial compatibility effects].

  • Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Owen Miller: Statistical facilitation and the redundant signals effect: What are race and coactivation models?. In: Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics. 78, 2016, p. 516 - 519 [Race models; Race model inequality; Context independence; Coactivation].

  • Wolf Schwarz, Jeff Miller: GSDT: An integrative model of visual search. In: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance. 42, 2016, p. 1654 - 1675 [reaction time, visual search, signal prevalence, strategic termination, diffusion model, display size effect].

  • Jeff Miller, Rolf Ulrich: Optimizing research payoff. In: Perspectives on Psychological Science. 11, 2016, p. 664 - 691 [statistical methods, sample size, power, false positives, replicability].

  • Jeff Miller: Hypothesis testing in the real world. In: Educational & Psychological Measurement. 77, 2017, p. 663 - 672 [common sense logic, hypothesis testing, statistical methods].

  • Victor Mittelstädt, Jeff Miller: Separating limits on preparation versus on-line processing in multitasking paradigms: Evidence for resource models. In: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance. 43, 2017, p. 89 - 102 [multitasking, response selection bottleneck model, resource models, psychological refractory period paradigm, prioritized processing paradigm].

  • Jeff Miller: Psychophysiological measurement of backward response activation in the prioritized processing paradigm. In: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance. 43, 2017, p. 941 - 953 [dual task performance, backward compatibility effect, lateralized readiness potentials].

Striano, Prof. Dr. Tricia

Hunter College, United States of America
Fachgebiet: General psychology
Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. Angela Friederici Max-Planck-Institut für Kognitions- und Neurowissenschaften
  • Hoehl, S. & Striano, T.: Infants' neural processing of positive emotion and eye gaze. In: Social Neuroscience. 2009, p. 1 - 10 [neural processing, eye gaze, infant].

  • Reid, V.M., Hoehl, S., Grigutsch, M., Groendahl, A., Parise, E., & Striano, T. : The neural correlates of infant and adult goal prediction: evidence for semantic processing systems. In: Developmental Psychology. 3, 2009, p. 620 - 629 [semantic processing systems, goal prediction, infant].

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  • Striano, T. & Reid, V: Social cognition at the crossroads: Perspectives on understanding others. In: Social Cognition: Development, Neuroscience and Autism. (Ed. T. Striano & V.M. Reid ) Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2008, [social cognition, infant].

  • Reid, V. & Striano, T: The directed-attention model of infant social cognition: further evidence. In: Social Cognition: Development, Neuroscience and Autism. (Ed. T. Striano & V.M. Reid) Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2008, [directed attention model, social cognition, infant].

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  • Kobiella, A., Grossmann, T., Reid, V.M., & Striano, T. : The discrimination of angry and fearful facial expressions in 7-month-old infants: An event-related potential study. In: Cognition and Emotion. 1, 2008, p. 134 - 146 [infant, event related potential].

  • Tricia Striano: Doing developmental research - A Practical Guide. New York: Guilford Publications, 2016, 177 pp.